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  1. Time to delivery.... if I order now.

    Best part is it's -$5,500 after the federal tax credit! HAHA
  2. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Ouch this has got to suck. Good news is he's still in his 7 day return window! Good opportunity to test out the mobile service fleet. In all seriousness I hope they are able to pop this out without permanent damage. Body panels are Aluminum?
  3. Rivian Complaints Department Master Thread

    Hmmm, crickets on this thread. Evidently nobody likes to hang around with complainers but we all like others to hear our complaints. Humans are a fickle bunch.... but now I'm just complaining.
  4. Vehicle Life Expectancy

    I'm expecting that as consumers become accustomed to buying used EV's the current usable range displayed will be one of the main points that is looked at. With that in mind it seems prudent to take reasonable care of your battery so you are closer to 90% than 70% after 8 years as you state...
  5. EV Battery Hits (Master list)

    Excuse me Sir are you insinuating that Civic didn't have 380 hp!
  6. R1T being tested for North American Car & Truck (NACTOY) of the Year - Juror Impressions

    Haha...I'll bet he's uttered the phrase "I'm kinda a big deal, people know me" before.
  7. EV Battery Hits (Master list)

    @Rivian_Hugh_III, I've had the same thoughts and posted a very similar thought elsewhere. I came to the same conclusion that if/ when all major efficiency drains conspire simultaneously you could realize 100 mile range. I'm ok with this. For me it would be an extremely rare occurrence (1/yr...
  8. Vehicle Life Expectancy

    I'm assuming the failure and degradation curve for the batteries will have a somewhat typical bell shaped curve and that Rivian will not want to be replacing many of the packs at all so the 175K warranty is a safe number and the real longevity will be approximately double that. Most ICE cars...
  9. Vehicle Life Expectancy

    Well Car and Driver said this: "Standard cars in this day and age are expected to keep running up to 200,000 miles, while cars with electric engines are expected to last for up to 300,000 miles." My assumption is that loss of range at 300K miles will be around 30% I'm not sure if this is a...
  10. DSP (Directed Share Program) to purchase Rivian IPO shares - now live via web portal

    Rivian may not be the quick profit you are looking for BUT if you are looking for a quick profit... I have a financial product for you! These are corporate Bonds in my tulip bulb corporation they mature annually (in May) and regularly produce returns of 300%... So how many can I put you down...
  11. Rivian's battery life cycle

    From my literally 2 minutes of research into the responsible sourcing of battery raw materials (cobalt in particular) it seems that it is openly known that the sourcing is not responsible, ethical, humane and is an environmental catastrophe. Basically all the buyers of these raw materials are...
  12. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Impressive work! The google street view location posted matches exactly to the background here.... Now setting a reminder to not take delivery at my home address.
  13. Tailgate Capacity Concern

    My wife won't let me use the skid plates anyway so the point becomes moot. (shhh... I'm getting them anyway) @thedole I think you will be fine with the R1T if it's otherwise your preference to the Lightning. Keep in mind nothing is saying the F-150 tailgate has greater capacity, I understand...
  14. My shopping adventure: Rivian vs F150 Lightning

    This same excerpt states "By making Driver+ standard" which my understanding of the S1 filing contradicts. I'm expecting driver assist features to be tiered so both statements could be true. I guess we will have to wait and see what features become available at what time and cost. These...
  15. My shopping adventure: Rivian vs F150 Lightning

    It seems crazy that next year Ford plans to sell a BEV F-150 for cheaper than a base Tesla Model 3 even before the tax incentives. I would rather have the Lightning Pro than the standard range Model 3.
  16. My shopping adventure: Rivian vs F150 Lightning

    Which one is believed to be "much Cheper"? I think you have to at least compare the larger range F-150 in something other than the Pro trim to get a fair assesment. F-150 is cheaper on the bottom trim and more expensive on the top trim if I'm not mistaken. To me the cost difference is relatively...
  17. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    ... And then you invited each of them to personally join the forum, touted the benefits and left out our negative, judgmental, obsessive nature... right?
  18. Bed Extender?

    I'm sure with tonneau but on a dyno with a correction factor applied to represent drag as well as other factors so it wouldn't really apply to the discussion.
  19. Bed Extender?

    Apparently results for this may be mixed I found an article by Grace Mohan (12/2020) that referenced a study by SEMA that tested 4 diffiferent trucks and 13 tonneau covers and found an average of 5.7% reduction in Cd with tonneau closed. I also checked Myth Busters who determined a 5% reduction...
  20. Bed Extender?

    My understanding is that bed and tonneau cover closed has been established as most efficient although I can't remember were I've gotten my info or if it was reliable or not... could be myth busters.