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  1. Hertz To Purchase 100,000 Teslas by End of 2022

    Yes, but that is very different from preproduction prototypes built on the line and then tested. Having them on two different platforms shows just how far from production they really are. Rivan had two hand built prototypes for Long Way Up. That was just the very beginning of their testing...
  2. Hertz To Purchase 100,000 Teslas by End of 2022

    Maybe, but not necessarily. Bringing up a completely new model/design/drivetrain on a new line freshly designed to build it will have essentially the same challenges Rivian faced (maybe a few less supply chain issues a year from now - hopefully). They will still need to make pre-production...
  3. Hertz To Purchase 100,000 Teslas by End of 2022

    You really think they will instantly start the line at 100+ per day production? Or will they do test builds and ramp up like every other manufacturer. I threw a few bucks at Fisker stock, but thinking that production is an on/off switch will lead to disappointment (as we've seen here)
  4. Hertz To Purchase 100,000 Teslas by End of 2022

    Because they haven't gone into high volume production, they 100,000 Amazon van order doesn't count? Not sure what you are trying to say here. Bloomberg has consistently been much more negative about Rivian than (even ignoring facts when convenient for them). They criticized the R1T for not being...
  5. Hertz To Purchase 100,000 Teslas by End of 2022

    They articles I saw with that reference were quoting Bloomberg. For whatever reason they don't seem to paint Rivian in a positive light.
  6. Hertz To Purchase 100,000 Teslas by End of 2022

    They emerged from bankrupcy. They (like all rental car companies) are struggling to rebuild their fleet. No matter what they buy it will require funds. I think it is a smart move as it differentiates them from the competition. The Model 3 is also the most popular car in the most searched...
  7. Off Road Package Weight

    Might be related to the 20 inch wheel option as well. They (and the 22s) have a lower load rating than the 21s.
  8. Time to delivery.... if I order now.

    In the past, all the tug of war, back and forth from various sides/perspectives has led to: nothing changing. For prospective Rivian buyers, this would likely be the best outcome. Nothing floated (yet) provides more than $7,500 on the Rivian. Everything currently on the table reduces - or...
  9. Reviewers Saying JANUARY for R1S Deliveries

    Easy for anyone going the configuration page to see this and conclude deliveries will start in January. We've had people on this forum placing a reservation in the last few weeks thinking that January is a delivery date on their pre-order. They see this: Deliveries begin January 2022
  10. Time to delivery.... if I order now.

    Plus, Rivian has a $7,500 Tax Credit and GM has $0 (under the current Tax Code)
  11. Rivian's Q3 quarterly loss is expected between $1.18B to $1.28B

    It would scare me if they weren't spending some of the $3B they have in the bank to ramp up production and build out the service and charging infrastructure. Comparisons to Tesla (particularly something like the Model 3 that was a later generation vehicle) are useless. Different times, funding...
  12. Rivian Customer Service: SiriusXM Radio will not be native part of the entertainment system

    Everyone has different "hot buttons" and "deal breakers". The R1S may not be the EV offering you are looking for as they have made a conscious decision not to include some features your wife considers "must have" (before even trying what Rivian does offer). I'm likely perfectly content with what...
  13. Charging options in a new home?

    I chose the hardwired smart 40A option. Reasonable compromise to the builder for cost, and having a existing EVSE in the garage would definitely make any homeowner going car shopping take a serious look at EVs as an option. I would actually like to see them do a combination with one installed...
  14. Official Rivian Wall Charger installation guide

    $500 (if ordered with the vehicle) for a 48A "Smart" EVSE is a very good deal. You can save a little by giving up the connected features, but I think most will find it worth it to spend a little more. The 30% Tax Credit helps as well The included 32A cord will likely be plenty for most people's...
  15. Qmerit 12% fee???

    Hmmm. 5-15? or 14-50? I actually prefer the Polestar 2 variant, but I don't need the rear head room and prefer the styling. Polestar also qualifies for the Oregon Rebate, and the Volvo does not. They are starting to set up Volvo dealers for service, and franchised dealerships in some markets.
  16. R1T being tested for North American Car & Truck (NACTOY) of the Year - Juror Impressions

    Driving impression is going to sway the journalists instead of actual times. I get the impression that they were not doing standing start 0-60s, but just relaying the fell when stomping on it while in motion. A more aggressively mapped accelerator pedal and/or motor response can feel faster...
  17. DSP (Directed Share Program) to purchase Rivian IPO shares - now live via web portal

    Registered. Fine print says you must register by 11:59PM PST on Oct 25th in order to be considered for participation. Also says if you did not get an email invitation on Oct 20th, you may not qualify for the program (I'm assuming those are imminent).
  18. Qmerit 12% fee???

    Make sure the electrician leaves some extra 6/3 in a loop when installing the 14-50R. You'll most likely need some to feed into the Rivian Wallbox. Probably want to consider the wire/outlet location as well. If it were me, I'd skip the 14-50 install completely and just have them pull the wire...