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  1. Mjhirsch78

    Vehicle Life Expectancy

    Battery life is strange. We bought a Model Y in March. We have put 16k miles on it. We did a 6k road trip. We have towed. We have hit the slopes in the cold. We have seen 3 miles lost in projected range. That loss appeared this past month. No loss before then. We have supercharged on trips, but...
  2. Mjhirsch78

    How are you planning to haul your ski / snowboard gear?

    Snowboards in gear tunnel.
  3. Mjhirsch78

    MKBHD Review: The R1T is an Incredibly Fun Full Electric Pickup

    You made this English teacher smile. Thank you. 🙂
  4. Mjhirsch78

    How to buy Rivian Pre-IPO stocks.

    Many folks conflate these things. Thus, we hear people making predictions about Rivian based on a lack of the latter two.
  5. Mjhirsch78

    Real Life Photos of the Rivian Wheels / Rims Options [Compilation]

    Yup. Right choice for us. Thank you for posting these.
  6. Mjhirsch78

    COMPASS YELLOW Rivian Club

    The second photo. Admin feel free to clean up to just get yellow pic
  7. Mjhirsch78

    Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    Quick Reminder: This forum, as of this morning, has 3445 members. Not all of those are preorder holders. Rivian mentioned 48000 preorders. This means the vast majority of pre-order holders are not going to post their pictures here.
  8. Mjhirsch78

    Rebelle Rally starts up for Rivian R1T piloted by Emme and Rebecca!

    …and my second ignore in 2 years. Lol. 8 PM PST will have the finish line footage. Let’s go Killerwatt!
  9. Mjhirsch78

    Rebelle Rally starts up for Rivian R1T piloted by Emme and Rebecca!

    So much fun. It’s great to see them out there doing it again with the Rivian and one that is hard to miss. Heh.
  10. Mjhirsch78

    GEAR GUARD "THINGY" POLL -- Love it, Hate it or Indifferent?

    Fits perfectly here in the PNW. A truck with a Sasquatch-type critter protecting it? Yup.
  11. Mjhirsch78

    R1T set for Rebelle Rally 2021 [Oct 7th - 16th]

    Yup. It is a pretty truck in all the colors. Of course this confirms my choice is still the right one for us. Expect excessive yellow photos incoming when we get ours hehe
  12. Mjhirsch78

    R1T set for Rebelle Rally 2021 [Oct 7th - 16th]

    Haha Team Yellow taken to the next level.
  13. Mjhirsch78

    Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    Too True. I can’t wait to go off-reading for real and not worrying what part of the car will hit the first rock. I can’t wait to simply own a pickup for the first time ever. I can’t wait to not have to share a car with all 4 of us (Wife and 2 kids) for all driving. We have a second car, but...
  14. Mjhirsch78

    LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    Turn on Subtitles. Click Settings. Turn on Translate to English. Bam. (Use this for my Spanish speaking students in our classes sometimes.)
  15. Mjhirsch78

    Center Display question for those of you who own Teslas....

    The display is embedded in the wood trim.
  16. Mjhirsch78

    Predicting Rivian R1T Depreciation

    Heh. This one hit home.
  17. Mjhirsch78

    📂 Rivian IPO S1 Filing - reveals preorder numbers, R1S delivery date, Autonomous Subscription Fee & more...

    LOL best first sentence to a post on this forum in a while. Sidenote: I am confused by all the talk of swapping out the vehicle when the next one arrives. This truck will be in our garage for 15 years minimum. The every three year new vehicle thing genuinely confuses me.