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  1. JeremyMKE

    Tesla Fans!

    There are a lot of really good perspectives on this list. I will state simply. Elon and Tesla fundamentally changed automotive history. The automotive experience for the user is fundamentally different and is NOW approachable in a way never before possible. That kind of disruption creates...
  2. JeremyMKE

    Article: Why The Rivian R1T Electric Truck is The King of Off-Road Pickups - A Ridiculously Detailed Look

    This was a detailed technical review. Arguably the best review we have seen without condescension or too much hyperbole. Bravo David Tracy and Jalopnik, I agree click the link to give them the traffic. UPDATE: I reached out to David and he let me know one of the reasons his article took so...
  3. JeremyMKE

    Milwaukee reservation holder here!

    I was at the showroom last week, its pretty empty save for a big row of porta potties. I wonder what the schedule is on an actual open date.
  4. JeremyMKE

    TFL drives the new GMC Hummer EV

    I watched both of their Rivian videos, first seriously moaning about not getting invited to the press event in Breckinridge, and focusing on the fact that they didnt get a response at all. As if that makes it ok to be shamelessly butt hurt about it. The second video was them acknowledging they...
  5. JeremyMKE

    Bloomberg article: Rivian’s Electric Truck Gets All the Attention, But Its Fate Is Tied to Amazon

    I am a big fan of paying for the content you enjoy. That being said if you switch to Reader mode on chrome you can see the whole article...
  6. JeremyMKE

    How do you want battery State of Charge displayed?

    I picked one because I think your point is which would you choose as a default. It should be configurable for all of the above. The info is in the system.
  7. JeremyMKE

    Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    MY R1T will replace my summer and winter vehicles. The 2002 M5 and Silverado SS. I sold the Silverado last year and am working on selling the M5 now. What do I get? Single vehicle with the best performance aspects of both vehicles Year round capability from one vehicle Better than the ~15...
  8. JeremyMKE

    Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    Stopped by the Fulton Market Rivian showroom today. Definitely construction happening but not imminently looking to open. I did see rows of porta potties inside on the first floor so if the acceleration forces an evacuation in your R1T you have options, if you can make it ;) Thanks to...
  9. JeremyMKE

    Dear Rivian...R1T WISHLIST BELOW

    There are like 50 threads on this topic and I DONT want this one to turn into one of those. Carplay/Android Auto are not perfect but what they give you is the ability to use apps from your phone natively in your display. For me, Waze marks hidden and visible police officers and their speedtraps...
  10. JeremyMKE

    More Cup Holders

    FYI I have one of these for my M5 as zee germans say you DRIVE! you do not drink, eat, converse, no cupholders for YOU!! The inset ones here sorta work but are pretty unstable. But with easy access to CAD and 3D printers I also have an insert into a small pocket that looks factory and holds...
  11. JeremyMKE

    Dear Rivian...R1T WISHLIST BELOW

    I gotta be the first to say it? Carplay At this point its the only thing that scares me as being totally annoying on a day by day basis with the R1T. I want to drop my phone on the charging pad and have wireless carplay just start broadcasting my podcast where I left off and have waze warn me...
  12. JeremyMKE

    Rivian interior ambient light

    Is it Alexa or Siri enabled? ;)
  13. JeremyMKE

    Rivian R1T up against 5 other semifinalists for North American Truck of the Year

    Gotta be a dead heat between the Hummer and R1T. I have no idea how that ends up, automotive journalists have a symbiotic relationship with the manufacturers and GM has influence. The Hummer has interesting features, its NOT for me in almost any way but I get why some people like it.
  14. JeremyMKE

    Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    I am actually very curious about this. I really want a valet mode. More often however I need a my elderly father borrows the truck to get some mulch mode. Or a wife needs to use the truck mode... I dont want them to end up like the test mule in SoCal...
  15. JeremyMKE

    Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    I am hoping this is just for the preset settings because on long road trips or after a particularly indulgent BBQ dinner I often need to move the seat at speed....
  16. JeremyMKE

    TFL snubbed by Rivian: video

    Read @cohall article about his run in with RJ. He has been a reasoned voice on this Forum for a long time. Was RJ setup for success? Yes, it was a press event and his head was in the game. Did he need to go to the lengths Cohall describes? Hell no. Companies are filled with people, and we can...
  17. JeremyMKE

    Badge appreciation thread

    Does anyone else NOT like the compass logo? I like almost all the other badging and fonts, I cant put my finger on why, the compass just looks so generic and boring to me... Like something the Bobs would come up with. I would delete it from the entire car if I could, especially the steering...
  18. JeremyMKE

    New Video - Motortrend - R1T Suspension Explainer

    This suspension is one of the key value props for me. Its critical in that mission to be excellent on road and off. I truly mean excellent, with this power poor on-road handling could be catastrophic. Hey guide, time to give me a jingle...
  19. JeremyMKE

    First R1T with State Plates?

    i feel like they are continuously cruising up and down 280
  20. JeremyMKE

    FOREST GREEN Rivian Club

    Too much green. i went ocean coast. Its a little range rovery but its a classic for a reason. But hey thats me