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  1. electruck

    📸 Multiple R1T spotted inside Bellevue Rivian Service Center

    Yeah, totally crazy. Not like security might be worried about someone scoping out vehicles to steal or anything. I mean, nobody outside of these forums even knows what a Rivian is.
  2. electruck

    Reviewers Saying JANUARY for R1S Deliveries

    And given that this is now revenue guidance for investors, they aren't going to want my to miss that date. A slow ramp is to be expected but they have committed to deliveries starting in December, even if just a token few.
  3. electruck

    MKBHD Review: The R1T is an Incredibly Fun Full Electric Pickup

    I honestly can't remember the last time I could see my car from inside a restaurant.
  4. electruck

    Coming soon in Rivian repair van near you?

    Keep in mind that this is equipment donated to a school for training purposes and may not represent the latest/final production setup. I do, however, share your concern about the stress on that hard line over time which could be problematic. I'm not particularly concerned about FOD.
  5. electruck

    Article: Why The Rivian R1T Electric Truck is The King of Off-Road Pickups - A Ridiculously Detailed Look

    This has been on the Rivian web site for quite some time. And it's actually more than just a sheet of carbon fiber.
  6. electruck

    R1S comparable to which models in Gas vehicles in size

    R1S is 202 inches long (this is also incorrect on the Rivian web site at the moment but has been confirmed).
  7. electruck

    Is Amazon Music going to be integrated?

    Possible? Yes. Supported? We currently have no idea.
  8. electruck

    Rivian's battery life cycle

    Shouldn't be hard for Rivian to address, initially. Between second life battery reuse and eventual recycling the late stages should be covered. And for initial supply, they can say they partnered with SDI because of their commitment to responsible sourcing but plan to continue to improve upon...
  9. electruck

    DSP (Directed Share Program) to purchase Rivian IPO shares - now live via web portal

    Worth noting I had to refresh the page after logging in before it showed up for me. Possible I happened to log in seconds before they enabled my account but, if you don't see it after logging in, try reloading the page.
  10. electruck

    JuiceBox ready to go

    Ha, no, not worth that Big Ass price for my usage. It certainly is a big ass fan, just not a Big Ass fan.
  11. electruck

    JuiceBox ready to go

    Yeah, love mine too. Gave me the space to install an 8 ft diameter ceiling fan in my garage which is absolutely marvelous in the summer!
  12. electruck

    R1T being tested for North American Car & Truck (NACTOY) of the Year - Juror Impressions

    There's also the issue of the R1T's 275/65r20s vs the Hummer's 305/70r18s. So the Hummer has a larger contact patch and most likely a little more sidewall flex (not to mention a little more weight), both resulting in more grip off the line (ignoring any compound differences). The Rivian may be...
  13. electruck

    Expected R1S information

    CS chat just confirmed 202" bumper-to-bumper. Now let's see how long it takes them to fix the web site.
  14. electruck

    Expected R1S information

    Wouldn't be the first error on the website so not sure I trust this dimension without confirmation.
  15. electruck

    Upcoming "First Mile" Mobile Test Drive Cities Announced - Chicago, Dallas, Denver, LA, Seattle, San Francisco

    Yeah, I think radius will be a function of how long they will be in the area and how many people they can accommodate. I did just go add my Dallas work address as a secondary address in my Rivian account in case Frisco is too far out. Maybe it will help my chance of getting a time slot when...
  16. electruck

    Upcoming "First Mile" Mobile Test Drive Cities Announced - Chicago, Dallas, Denver, LA, Seattle, San Francisco

    Hmmm, it looks like they have edited their post to remove the mention of upcoming Mobile Drives.
  17. electruck

    Expected R1S information

    That is an old prototype, RJ has stated the production version is better. Remains to be seen just how much better though.
  18. electruck

    Upcoming "First Mile" Mobile Test Drive Cities Announced - Chicago, Dallas, Denver, LA, Seattle, San Francisco

    I noticed Rivian listed the cities alphabetically so presumably this ordering won't be the same as the chronological ordering of the events. Very happy to see Dallas on the short list though!
  19. electruck

    Rivian Setting a High Bar For Electric Pickups - my first drive review of the R1T in Automotive News

    I believe the metal trim is the same for all interiors, just lighting, etc making them take on a slightly different hue.