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  1. Rivian Washington DC (Scouting with RJ)

    Yes that is the plan but you are buying a low serial number super high tech product. Be realistic. In 3 years with Tesla I’ve been to 5 service centers in 2 countries and had rangers out twice.
  2. Rivian Washington DC (Scouting with RJ)

    Well a trip into the Disric is not the kind of "adventure" I had in mind when I reserved the R1T.
  3. Rivian Washington DC (Scouting with RJ)

    I thought we had decided it was going to be somewhere out in Herndon.
  4. Displayed Charging info

    If they don't give us useful energy information during charging (current, voltage or at least kW, SoC%) and while driving (Wh/mi, kW, SoC%) I am going to be bitterly disappointed. I know full well the "dumbing down" is coming - they have to do it to sell to the STEM illiterate US market - but...
  5. At home 25kW DC charging

    There is a bit more to it than that. The wire must be THN, THWN, SE... (i.e. rated 75 °C) and not NM-B or UF-B (60 °C) in order to use a 60A breaker with it and charge at 48A. The fact that your house has a 50 A breaker protecting this wire suggests it is not rated 75 °C. Unless you can verify...
  6. At home 25kW DC charging

    No, no, no. Several EVSE are equipped with a NEMA 14-50P plug and are rated at 40A max charging rate. Such a unit MUST be plugged into a 14-50R receptacle wired to a 50 Amp. breaker using conductors rated for 50 Amps. Because of a weird exception in the NEC there are 14-50R receptacles wired to...
  7. The Norwegian experience - get the MAX PACK !

    You can't be too rich, too thin or have too big a battery in your EV.
  8. Has anyone Towed a trailer, boat, camper with their new R1T?

    Don't count too much on regen unless you are towing a trailer with no brakes of its own or a trailer whose brakes you have disabled both of which I would question doing. Even in such cases regen is limited by limitations on how much regen the battery will accept. For example in the Tesla's it...
  9. Has anyone Towed a trailer, boat, camper with their new R1T?

    They'd be foolish to do that as it depends on so many other things with the main determinant being drag which relates to the trailer's shape and how fast it is towed.
  10. Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    I'm still a little skeptical. My baseline load (wall warts, plugged in tv sets, computers, modems, internet switches, router, WiFi hot spots, thermostats, NFS, security cameras, Qi chargers, telephone system, WiFi controllable switches/dimmers, ....) is 885 W. That's 21.2 kWh/da. Just to be...
  11. Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    No, just 1. Well I guess you could call it that. I used to be a passionate home brewer. I did beer in 50 gallon batches (that's about 3 1/2 kegs) which it took even my son a while to consume hence the need for a fridge that could keep 10 - 15 kegs cold. The brewery itself didn't use much power...
  12. Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    8.4 kWh and another 7.9 kWh/da goes to a walk-in cooler. The lion's share of the rest goes for heating and cooling (mostly W/W but some A/A heat pumps).
  13. Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    So you took it to Maine and I see from your squib sold it thus removing yourself from the frying pan. Wise move. But now you are jumping into the fire?
  14. Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    How do you do that? The average American home uses 30 kWh/da (and I average 98).
  15. Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    You'll be leaping out of the frying pan into the fire. Peabody is closer than New York. (I assume they wouldn't take it over the border to QC. In any case Tesla has over 400 SC and Rivian has 4. It's going to be years before Rivian is even close to on par and as you know 450 isn't nearly...
  16. Introduction Lucid DreamDrive (I wish Rivian would do this)

    No. Basically doesn't work (Tesla MXLR+)
  17. NY First Mile invitations going out

    One of their 3 the other two being July and August. Heard that on an Ithaca, NY radio station many, many years ago.
  18. Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    It's 2021. If you want a hard copy of a manual you will have to download the pdf and print it. So do you want to do that or do you want to sit in your new truck and read it on the touchscreen? I know that's what I decided to do when I got my first BEV to the point that my family started calling...
  19. Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    No, no, not that kind of documentation. I'm talking about the owner's maual. If you look at, for comparison, one of Tesla's, you'll find extensive explanations on how to use features like the odometers. In the Rivian manual you find none of this. That means to me that either these features do...