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    Why such a "Simple Stick Man" front-end appearance?

    As fast as this truck will be, the rear view of the truck might be the only view anyone gets! :handsinair: :CWL:
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    Anyone get your Rivian preorder gift / swag?

    The letter and print are a nice gesture of gratitude, but I would prefer they save as much cash as they can and focus on getting the cars to us on-time and on-quality. A nice surprise would have been the option to include a factory tour at delivery or a simple personalized metal plaque bolted...
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    Work Begins On Major Office Remodel at Rivian Normal Plant

    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they need to put a building-colored blocker plate above the V to keep the snow out of there. You don't want to make your brand look bad like that.
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    Plastic body panels?

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    Why such a "Simple Stick Man" front-end appearance?

    Thank you for reminding me that it was Atlis that is incorporating the front gate feature. I could not remember which company did that, but I knew it wasn't Rivian. A must-have feature, assuming it would pass all necessary testing.
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    Plastic body panels?

    Anyone know what the main body panels are made from (fenders, doors, hood, etc.)? I'm guessing steel, but some of them have the look of plastic. Maybe aluminum?
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    R1S Top Design

    Both short roof and tall roof designs look very cool to me. Like someone said, the tall roof is very Rover-like. That's not a bad thing to me. Maybe the taller roof model will be a new model for 2024? The new R2S? :fist bump:
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    Why such a "Simple Stick Man" front-end appearance?

    I love the front end design. It definitely speaks Land Rover and Jeep. The stadium lights are a take from Jeep's 7 slot grille and the overall boxy face reminds me of the older Land Rover Discovery. Brilliant.
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    which will ship first?

    I'm voting that RJ is a pragmatic guy and would not disclose anything in public that he did not have data to back up his words. If he says late 2020 for the first Rivians, I tend to believe him right now given the work he's done over the last 9 years. That said, manufacturing a car is a hard...
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    "Fake" artificial engine and interior sounds

    Don't forget Speed Buggy mode...appropriate due to 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds.
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    Rivian has four new models in development!

    Yeah, yeah! :fingerscrossed:
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    Cool Rivian facts & history

    Rivian is a superior name indeed to Mainstream Motors. :clap:
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    R1S Specs vs R1T Specs

    Nice chart. I didnt realize the truck was over 400 mm longer than the SUV. That's a lot.
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    Rivian Servicing & Repairs?

    Oh man. What a terrible experience. Let's hope Rivian is taking notes on this and will provide a world class service experience for its customers.
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    More R1S Wallpapers

    Yeah, I like the patterned mats, too. They said they can be washed easily, so they must be stylized rubber mats of some sort. Nice attention to detail.
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    Going offroad in your Rivian

    I love the outdoor marketing angle Rivian has taken with their vehicles. It reminds me of Jeep, which I have a soft spot for (owned a Wrangler TJ over 20 years ago). That said who plans to heavily take their vehicle off road like their videos portray?
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    Rivian Waiting Room: Have you pre-ordered with deposit?

    I preordered the R1S. Need to carry little ones and their stuff. The pass thru compartment looks cool for baby strollers and such, but I like having the option of a 3rd row if I need it. I figure if I need an open bed to carry stuff home from HD, I'll borrow a truck from work.