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    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    If its anything like the tesla preorders, I think it would be wise to wait cause its not much more of a wait after the preorders get done. Unless Rivian gives out some nice incentives, BTW i try to convince my wife also, just my 2 cents
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    Ford Working on EV with Rivian...."Rivian is a really special thing...."

    I agree with you I am thinking the same thing, would like more info on this vehicle, Evs starting to grab attention for a lot of drivers. I would like to get into one before i give up driving. Would like a RS1 like large vehicles
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    Ford Working on EV with Rivian...."Rivian is a really special thing...."

    I hope we see something soon from ford or Rivian a little more closer to production, was going to wait & see if model y was worth it but starting to like this joint venture with the two. Hope to get one soon.
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    CCS question...

    I really didn’t look into juice box yet, I have looked into ClipperCreek,i was pretty much sold on it but happen to like the Wattz for the size it is smaller than ClipperCreek. I am in early stages for this cause i am interested in Eva’s but looking for a larger vehicle than what’s out there...
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    CCS question...

    Hi jimcgov3, I would like to know how you like the Wattz I’ll & why you chose that one compared to others. Thanks. Sorry just realized you pretty much answered that
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    Take away from NY Auto Show (pics)

    Agreed DocTwinkie, I am interested in Rivian but I wouldn’t rush to order until the configuration starts this way i can make up my mind to see if i really want to dump that much down
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    LIVE from Rivian's NY Auto Show Preview Event! (Q&A and R1T / R1S Hands-On)

    Did anyone find out about how many preorders were placed,would be a good indication how the company is doing for production & the hopes that Rivian would likely take off
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    What Power Source is needed to Re-charge battery?

    Hello Horse Hauler, I think we are all waiting to hear how charging will be done. Rivian may hook up with Charge Point, Electrify, or maybe have their own set up like Tesla but who knows how this will play out, I hope they can get the vehicles produced cause once I see how R1S is @ car show I...
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    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    I may go with the blue or a gray tone for a R1S
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    Rivian confirmed for NY Auto Show, with pre-show invite only event

    I hope to attend the auto show with my son, was thinking to write down my questions hopefully i can get some answers I am now retired and not driving to much anymore,i do not have a preorder in yet cause i would like to see the R1S in person. I prefer larger vehicles right now the only other...
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    Why such a "Simple Stick Man" front-end appearance?

    There is always a chance that there will be some changes before production. In my opinion the front headlights to me may be a little ahead of the times with other vehicles, not to say they will be redesigned 100% but may be toned down a bit with that light bar, also I think they can use a...
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    Does Rivian SUV have space for a spare tire

    I agree with you Gene, I asked a few questions myself about R!S no response back. I am waiting for the reveal of model Y will make my decision after i visit NY auto show,hope Rivian does well cause I like a large vehicle hope not to much $$$
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    Rivian confirmed for NY Auto Show, with pre-show invite only event

    I will be there also PoorPilot, i plan on checking the R1S out and asking a lot of questions. Hope i will get a lot of info then I will make a decision between the modelY or the R1S. Hoping the R1S wont be to much vehicle
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    Rivian Waiting Room: Have you pre-ordered with deposit?

    Just voted, I am interested to see how many pre-orders have been sent in. I am interested in the R1S, not to keen on getting 1st year production model, maybe if I pre-order later in year I can get one that would be pretty much bug free. Also waiting to see how model y looks
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    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    I agree with you, Revelation I was going to get a model 3 also but I will wait for model Y cause I rather have the higher seating height, wont be doing much off roading but I like everything theR1S has to offer. Thanks for your thoughts
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    Pre-order question - possible to change from change from R1S to R1T?

    Would anyone have an idea how many pre-orders have already been processed, is there any way one can find out an average #
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    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    Hello members, new member here. I would like to get opinions & thoughts on this vehicle. I am very interested in the purchase of this truck, I prefer the R1S, but does it really make sense to put a $1,000 pre-order in for a company that isn’t fully off the ground yet, wouldn’t it be wise to wait...