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    What do you do for a living?

    Senior Systems/Storage Engineer.
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    Rebelle Rally starts up for Rivian R1T piloted by Emme and Rebecca!

    Did anyone else notice that Emme and Rebecca mentioned that they have the 135kwh pack, not the max pack, in the "Rebelle Rally Electrified Designation" video. I think they had previously mentioned they would have the max pack in an interview prior to the Rebelle Rally, but I guess that isn't the...
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    Rivian OEM / Component Suppliers List

    Recent articles have mentioned they were planning to manufacture the motors and batteries in-house, but I don't think any information was provided on timing for that.
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    "Out the door" fees and incentives by State

    I'm curious how the R1T weight will impact registration fees in my state (Vermont). Trucks under 6100 pounds have the same registration cost as regular automobiles, but trucks over 6100 pounds have a sliding scale, where these trucks powered by "OTHER" fuel sources cost even more to register...
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    R1T set for Rebelle Rally 2021 [Oct 7th - 16th]

    the yellow R1T in the Rebelle Rally drone footage looks a lot more muted than the photos.
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    Investor Business Daily Article (20k deliveries in 2021?)

    Though the same article says they only expect to deliver 10 Amazon Vans in 2021, so maybe the other number is off by a factor of 10 (2k instead of 20k?) :D
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    TFL drives the new GMC Hummer EV

    I think part of it is noise from the AC (they turn that off after a few minutes, I think), though it definitely still seems pretty loud when they are driving at highway speeds.
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    Rivian User Experience powered by Unreal Engine. Director of UX Design shows a few features

    While I can stream music from my phone via bluetooth using other apps, it's certainly not as convenient as having app integration. I might be willing to pay $10/month to Spotify for the convenience, but it is not something I relish when I already have it via another service. I currently pay for...
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    Video: Herald and Review drives Rivian R1T -- tests acceleration and going uphill / downhill

    That's my guess. Maybe it'll pop back up tomorrow?
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    Rivian User Experience powered by Unreal Engine. Director of UX Design shows a few features

    Thanks moderator for embedding the rest of the tweets/videos :D
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    Changing color after confirming configuration????

    I switched from El Cap to Launch Green after the photos from @DuckTruck, but every time I see more photos of El Cap I feel like I might want to switch back. Good luck making a decision :D
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    Rivian receives all regulatory approvals and can now be sold & delivered in all 50 states: ITS HAPPENING!

    "The company is aiming to deliver 100 units in the month of September, Bloomberg reported at the end of August." Not sure if we'd seen any news around the actual number of vehicles Rivian planned to deliver this month?
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    🔋 Official EPA Range and MPGe Numbers for R1T & R1S

    I'm going to assume this is w/out the off-road upgrade package (tow hooks and additional reinforced underbody shielding)
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    Max Pack range coming......I know, I know....soon?

    Some state EV tax credits are MSRP dependent, as well.
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    Hyundai Ioniq 5

    She mentioned they would be doing another live Q&A next week.
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    Hyundai Ioniq 5

    Any thoughts on the related Kia EV6 vs the Hyundai Ioniq?