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  1. Time to delivery.... if I order now.

    Rivian and Lucid haven't advertised at all. Once they have vehicles on the road more people will start taking notice. The average person has no idea they exist.
  2. My shopping adventure: Rivian vs F150 Lightning

    I had a 2019 F150 Lariat for a year and a half and had 0 issues with it, so I trust Ford to do a good job with the Lightning. But if I were in a situation where the F150 didn't fit in my garage, I would wait for the R1T. I never leave my vehicles parked outside.
  3. DSP (Directed Share Program) to purchase Rivian IPO shares - now live via web portal

    I signed up but will wait to see what the valuation and price per share ends up being. At least since its an IPO and not a SPAC, won't have to worry about a big pump and dump.
  4. My shopping adventure: Rivian vs F150 Lightning

    Hummer is too expensive, plus I don't trust GM too much right now after the whole Chevy Bolt debacle.
  5. My shopping adventure: Rivian vs F150 Lightning

    If your goal is to get an EV truck as soon as possible, I would not cancel anything. We don't know what can happen next year that could impact Rivian or Ford production. Also Tesla does not deliver vehicles based on when you make the order. I got my Model Y before some people who had ordered it...
  6. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    Yep, as much as I want my R1T, I'm glad I don't have a LE so by time they get to my reservations any issues should be fixed.
  7. 🔭 Cybertruck spied with new side mirrors, rear wheel steering, turning radius!

    As someone who owns a Tesla currently and has a CT reservation, I will still be shocked if this ever goes into production.
  8. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    Thanks for the answers. Skeptical about delivering all LE orders by end of year, but its also possible there are only 1000-2000 LE orders and they plan on a significant ramp up to production in November.
  9. Time to delivery.... if I order now.

    The valuation sets the price of the stock and number of shares available for the IPO launch. If they only deliver 20k vehicles, then the price of the stock will crash hard.
  10. Photos From Rivian Venice Hub Welcome Event 10/16

    Glad to see the backseat legroom looks pretty good.
  11. Which Manufacture will put 10K Pick-ups in Customers hand First?

    Ford has a huge advantage with the fact that it shares most of its parts with the ICE F150. They can easily stockpile those parts and just start pumping out the batteries and other systems that are unique to the Lightning.
  12. Which Manufacture will put 10K Pick-ups in Customers hand First?

    I think Rivian delivers 300 R1Ts in 2021, never manages to ramp up beyond 500 R1s per month and ends up delivering around 5000 combined R1Ts and R1Ss in 2022. Ford starts production in May, delivers 10k by August and another 15k by end of year for 25k total. Cybertruck gets a "Manufacturing is...
  13. Bay Area First Mile Event invites sent - Nov 5 onwards

    Congrats to the NorCal people. Hopefully SoCal invites get sent out soon. Still betting it'll be at the race track in Fontana.
  14. Time to delivery.... if I order now.

    It's impossible for them to say right now. Someone who ordered this year and lives near a service center well get their truck before someone who ordered last year and has no service center in their state yet.
  15. Rivian Stories: Top Discoveries & news from Rivian factory tour

    Hopefully they can achieve that. Even with 3k per month, that would only be 36k cars next year. 12k short of the 48k September pre-order number.
  16. Official Rivian Stories: A Space To Gather - First Hub Opens @ Venice, CA

    I think I'll just wait for a first mile event to see the truck. I have zero interest in going anywhere near Venice at this point, even though its about 1.5 hours away from me.
  17. Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    I don't think we are going to hear much news until Rivian's IPO happens. There is no set date for that yet, so there might be radio silence until next year. I also wouldn't be surprised if Rivian doesn't reach ~100 trucks built per week until next year. Its still going to be a long wait for most...
  18. Watch the R1T tonneau cover roll up automatically (with water on top)

    That is....less than ideal. I had a manual rollup on my Colorado, and the water drained into a special compartment.

    Just curious, you mentioned car seats, but will 2 adults fit in the back if there is a car seat in the middle seat?
  20. What would you do if price increased?

    Depends on the price increase. I have a day 1 F150 Lightning reservation, so if its a big jump, I'll just stick with the F150.