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  1. BadKarma!

    Rivian OEM / Component Suppliers List

    I agree. In fact the yellow caliper actually says Brembo in black ink. This can be seen clearly in one of the recent Breckenridge YouTube videos when one of the vloggers has to change the left front tire of his R1T. Maybe Bosch is supplying the braking system intelligence / ABS, but the...
  2. BadKarma!

    Reviewers Saying JANUARY for R1S Deliveries

    To keep things easy I simply add 1 full year to whatever the latest guidance is regarding R1S deliveries. I placed my reservation in January and I know there are many people ahead of me. If they say LE's are rolling out in Jan, 22' then I am ball parking Jan, 23' for my R1S.
  3. BadKarma!

    What Will Be The First Song You Play In Your New Rivian?

    I see your "See the Changes" and I raise you "Southern Cross".
  4. BadKarma!

    Rivian Customer Service: SiriusXM Radio will not be native part of the entertainment system

    If I were to venture a guess I would imagine that Amazon Music HD will be built-in to the infotainment center, or at least the app will be there by default. We already know Alexa integration will be part of the overall system. Rivian has a close partnership with Amazon / AWS.
  5. BadKarma!

    Rivian confirms digital gauge / instrument screen is also touchscreen!

    I know this is a pre-prod mule but is that the Ocean Coast interior? The light gray looks more green to me. Not too thrilled with it.
  6. BadKarma!

    20” All-Terrain or 22” Sport wheel upgrade included - Which is better 20 or 22

    Just venting: I personally feel the $1700 up-charge from the 22" Sport to the 22" Sport Dark is obnoxious. I will get off of my soapbox now.