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  1. R1T vs GMC Hummer EV side-by-side look

    This is from NACTOY event in Ann Arbor. They’re going through the contestants now to determine the finalists. I have heard rumors that the Hummer is not driveable. UPDATE: Apparently that was just a rumor for the hummer was driveable. Shame, I was hoping it wasn’t so it would give Rivianan edge.
  2. Report: Rivian workers top 3,000 at Normal Plant

    They need more than one. Rivian is understaffed at key positions to the point where they don't have enough time/resources to properly vet and acquire that additional talent. My guess is they'll be playing catch-up until early 2022 when all the drive events and press things for the R1T and R1S...
  3. Official Rivian Stories: A Space To Gather - First Hub Opens @ Venice, CA

    Great idea but poor execution in my opinion. I used to live on Abbott Kinney and Venice until a couple of years ago and that intersection is inundated with less than "scrupulous" individuals. It is not safe in many areas due to rampant drug use, petty crime, and violence. On top of that, all the...
  4. Is the R1T the " Rocky Road" of Vehicles? A line of pickup trucks leads to a makeshift camp of a rehabbed motel in the shadow of Breckenridge ski resort in Colorado. Up here at 9,600 feet, pickup trucks not only outnumber mountain...
  5. anyone catch the Bloomberg review?

    I wouldn’t worry about the tires too much either. Most of the journalists were novices at best when it came to off roading so it could have been inexperience. IIRC, MT only had one flat on TaT.
  6. Pre-IPO "Quiet Period" and (lack of) Announcements

    S-1 was just filed!
  7. R1T Reviews Master List: JRE, Rivian Stories, Jalopnik, Inside EVs, KBB, Roadshow, ETC

    I don’t know if this one was posted already but here’s another review from Adventure Journal.
  8. Pre-IPO "Quiet Period" and (lack of) Announcements

    You’re correct. Being in IPO mode definitely makes them on high alert status for saying/doing things that can conflict with that.
  9. Lack of Android Auto / Waze is a reason to cancel

    I have CarPlay in my car currently and I'm a big fan of it. That being said, it is not perfect. There are latency issues, connectivity issues, integration issues and I don't like that I have a dumbed-down version of Spotify. Ultimately I think we like CarPlay and Android Auto is because it is...
  10. R1T Reviews Master List: JRE, Rivian Stories, Jalopnik, Inside EVs, KBB, Roadshow, ETC

    I’m surprised to see that Jalopnik hasn’t published their story yet. I wonder what is taking them so long? Maybe waiting for the initial wave to pass so they’ll get more eyes on their story when it goes live?
  11. R1T Reviews Master List: JRE, Rivian Stories, Jalopnik, Inside EVs, KBB, Roadshow, ETC

    They were invited but I don’t know if they sent someone or not.
  12. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    I highly doubt you'll be satisfied then. No synthetic leather is as supple and smooth as the real deal. I think Rivian did a great job, definitely some of the best pleather I've interacted with but I did notice a difference between it and my A6. Guess it comes down to personal preference but to...
  13. RJ: Some Early Rivian Deliveries Go To Earliest Company Employees!

    To my knowledge this program is no longer available so maybe the first few employees are able to take advantage of it but otherwise I believe they are paying full price like everyone else.
  14. RJ tweets about production of first customer Rivian R1T!

    Pretty sure that will get fixed. After all there are pictures of pre-production R1Ts in CO right now and their panel gaps look just fine.
  15. Rivian Beats Tesla, GM, and Ford to market with Electric Pickup

    According to InsideEVs, this forum is a trusted news source! EDIT: For those unable to click/view the link "According to the latest report on, Rivian's CEO RJ Scaringe drove off in the first-ever "sellable"...
  16. 🔋 Official EPA Range and MPGe Numbers for R1T & R1S

    I looked at the ID4, I-Pace, 2 Model X, Model Y long range, Etron SUV, XC40 BEV and Bolt and they all have higher MPGe. But none are designed to do what the R1T and R1S are billed for so…
  17. EPA Numbers are out! They say 314 miles on a full charge, not too bad if I say so myself!
  18. Motor Trend Review: The 2022 Rivian R1T Is the Most Remarkable Pickup We’ve Ever Driven

    I think the bed size is completely a subjective issue. For some its too small, for others it can be just fine. Heck I'm sure there'll be people that wish it was smaller. There is a reason why there are multiple sizes of cars/SUVs/trucks etc... Customization will probably come in time. Once the...
  19. Motor Trend Review: The 2022 Rivian R1T Is the Most Remarkable Pickup We’ve Ever Driven

    I found that line interesting as well. I am curious as to what a pickup's "intended use" actually is for it seems like these vehicles are quite capable of doing whatever any other pickup can do.