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  1. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    I'll be interested what you find out. Digital FM radio is partially hardware, so if. Sadly, Nissan dropped Tesla is playing fair. Sat-maps and traffic costs them money (per API call) to google or whomever. Music streaming costs them nothing but data which you are providing. Sadly, maps...
  2. Just Finished NY First Mile Drive. My R1T impressions & Review

    Any chance to post this somewhere without compulsory registration?
  3. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    While over a minute is pretty bad, I'm a bit surprised. It would be interesting to see if something not across the country was quicker. " I did a navigation from where we were in Venice to my house in Colorado and this route calculation took over a minute. Colby told me it does all of the...
  4. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    It would be nice if it had built in mapbox routing, but shrug, I'm sure it still works as a car without a data connection. Otherwise I'll find out when I drive it to Rocky Point or somewhere else in Mexico/Canada.
  5. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    I'll object. This thing hi-jacks your phone and it hot trash. I literally one-stared it and trashed it in the garbage. It literally controls the app on your phone rather than using your phones data connection, which prevents you (or your kid) from using the phone for something else. Some...
  6. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    The explore model? Doubt it. HD audio was common place a few years ago. It's sadly missing now on a lot of brands. Blame a chip shortage. GM still has it. Either your area has HD FM stations or it doesn't. Sadly market acceptance hasn't been great, but I just want it for the (5) NPR...
  7. Expected R1S information

    If you can use a 7500 tax credit fully and you just need a car now... go get a 40kw leaf. It'll get the job done for 6 months and you can sell it. After the credit you'll only loose a few grand. Otherwise Volvo, Cadillac, and many others will rent you a car with a 6 month minimum for a very...
  8. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    Traffic aware routing during rush hour. NAV without this in a city, is just worthless. I nav every day across Seattle, even on a daily work commute. It has saved my ass so many times from siting in a wreck or re-routing around jams. All it takes is one wreck.
  9. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    I mean, pretty much all built in nav sucks for actually navigating, and I'm happy its cloud based for traffic awareness. In 99% of cases where I don't have cell, I can "self-nav" via map until I'm out far enough that I do have coverage. Furthermore, a route loaded prior to loosing coverage...
  10. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    Ironically I took an Alexa plug thing ($10 critters) and use it's 3.5MM out into the radio on my 2009 ram 1500. There's an outlet on my dash where it just sits plugged in. It actually works great. "Alexa play xxxxx", but the DAC on it blows chunks. I did some searching and I came to the...
  11. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    While the current audio options may not be ideal, a 192kbit VBR spotify stream is all that's needed for optimal quality. In a car environment, there's only so much you can do. A relatively cheap set of headphones will blow it away. I am disappointed by the lack of 3.5M in (even if done over...
  12. Has anyone Towed a trailer, boat, camper with their new R1T?

    People do it with Tesla's all the time. It's a pain in the ass and with that size of a trailer your range will be half. It's better for around town toes or to take the boat to a lake an hour away. A cross country with an RV trailer would be max packed territory which should get you 200 miles...
  13. Video: scrolling through Rivian windshield wiper options - sprinkle, drizzle, shower, downpour and storm

    Please tell me you don't need to use the screen to turn on the wiper? :( How do you quickly wash the windscreen, etc?
  14. Dear Rivian...R1T WISHLIST BELOW

    At some point, I wouldn't be surprised to see it on the app. Once that happens, 95% of use cases are solved between data-driven higher quality audio and offline caching.
  15. Data Logging - What kind of detail can we get out of these ?

    Tesla has no public API. Someone reverse engineered it. Someone will probably do the same for Rivian.
  16. Rivian OEM / Component Suppliers List

    I'd love to know the model # off the DC->AC 120v inverter :) Hope to find a spec sheet.
  17. What would you do if price increased?

    At least I trust Rivian enough that they wouldn't screw reservation holders.
  18. Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    So you buy on the internet (or phone) with a rep in Illinois and pick it up at the delivery center.
  19. New Rivian Waypoint Chargers Go Live in Nashville. R1T Appears For First Charge

    Getting ICed is much more frequent when the EV spots are in the front vs the back of the lot.
  20. Rivian Charging Station in Salida, CO is Under Construction

    Why didn't they just put some waypoint chargers instead of the generic things? They are open to all.