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  1. yizzung

    Motor Trend review of Yakima Rivian tent Not much meat but lots of photos.
  2. yizzung

    Tunnel door weight capacity?

    Great excuse to compel kids and lighter significant others to do all of the loading/unloading. I hover around 170 so sadly I'll be the one out there in the snow dealing with all the gear...
  3. yizzung

    Tunnel door weight capacity?

    Probably worth pointing out that one of the most probable reasons for standing on this thing is to load something (possibly a heavy thing) into the bed or a cargo box. So be sure not to do that if you're on the margin...
  4. yizzung

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    This is awesome and super helpful. LA Silver is super sparkly metallic. Limestone seems to be more like Audi's "Nardo Grey", which apparently has a bit of a cult following:
  5. yizzung

    Rivian Setting a High Bar For Electric Pickups - my first drive review of the R1T in Automotive News

    Since you’re the only person I know that’s seen the delivery vans up close, care to speculate on when Rivian will ship it’s own consumer-friendly Sprinter-esque adventure van? 😎
  6. yizzung

    Truck bed tents?

    This bed config would definitely be the easiest thing to load my dogs into and out of… probably not as much floor space as the rooftop varieties but I could also spend a few nights at a Ritz Carlton with the money I’d save. :)
  7. yizzung

    Truck bed tents? Anybody ever used one of these? Kinda digging it. Crazy affordable.
  8. yizzung

    Rivian wheels compared to Land Rover Defender wheels

    I suppose I can understand the aesthetic, especially given the retro cred. But given the price, this is one of those situations where I think I might just opt for a $75 aftermarket rim rather than the "authentic" OEM... :)
  9. yizzung

    Rivian wheels compared to Land Rover Defender wheels

    Saw this while walking the dogs today and was scratching my head a bit. Apparently you can get your Land Rover Defender outfitted with what looks like four spare tires? I had to look this up to determine if this was an OEM thing or not and, sure enough, it is...
  10. yizzung

    Photos From Rivian Venice Hub Welcome Event 10/16

    Not sure we can conclude that it doesn't have "any" offline capabilities because it was determining the route in the cloud. When I use google maps toady the route is calculated in the cloud but as soon as it's pulled down locally, I can go offline without ever losing the route. That said, I do...
  11. yizzung

    Bay Area First Mile Event invites sent - Nov 5 onwards

    Gives me some hope that I might get a ping soon. I'm just a couple months after you.
  12. yizzung

    Bay Area First Mile Event invites sent - Nov 5 onwards

    Right, but when did you reserve? It matters.
  13. yizzung

    Bay Area First Mile Event invites sent - Nov 5 onwards

    San Francisco non-LE reservation R1T June 2020. No contact at this stage. (Note: if you’re going to post, please include your reservation date. If you reserved last week, we already know that you’re excluded…)
  14. yizzung

    Tire contribution to microplastics / potential solution

    Sorry, I'm not ignoring anything you wrote. I just think your logic is flawed so I don't agree with your assessment. I pointed out an environmental problem that a company like Rivian would conceivably care about and linked a potentially promising new technology, which might be one of many...
  15. yizzung

    Tire contribution to microplastics / potential solution

    Folks, (#1) I don't work there so I can't answer a bunch of questions about how it works. (#2) It's a startup so it's basically a working prototype created by a small bunch of scientists, not a commercially viable product at this stage, so I wouldn't get too hung up on the specifics. Point was...
  16. yizzung

    Tire contribution to microplastics / potential solution

    1) I had no idea that tires were a massive contributor to microplastics in the oceans 2) There's a startup that is trying to solve this -- could be an interesting partnership for Rivian
  17. yizzung

    Official Rivian Stories: A Space To Gather - First Hub Opens @ Venice, CA

    Well obviously your kids will be abducted by homeless gangs and turned into junkies while you are brainwashed and recruited to join an eco-terror cell, but sure just head over there and see what happens, you crazy son of a gun.
  18. yizzung

    Official Rivian Stories: A Space To Gather - First Hub Opens @ Venice, CA

    Marketing? It’s almost like they want to sell more than just the initial 48K Rivians... What a bunch of morons. Seriously some of the people on this board are so grumpy about life that I’m relieved I will not be encountering them at any of these events. Rivian should send you all (wet) camping...
  19. yizzung

    The Anticipation is Killing Me

    Figured it out. They are sending you one floormat. You’ll receive an additional floormat for the next three months. Then you’ll get the truck last. Rivian will put out a press release later this month saying that they’ve “started” sending trucks to people and technically they will be correct… ;)
  20. yizzung

    No Panic Button on R1 Key Fob

    Apologies in advance for offering a non-car proposal but I always run with a Spi-belt. My Rivian running plan is to have my phone in the belt as usual (otherwise, no music/podcasts) and probably wear the little plastic Rivian bracelet.