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  1. R1T vs Bronco Pics

    Looks like a temporary plate to me. There is one where the license plate goes and one in the back window.
  2. (UPDATED) My review: I got behind the wheel of R1T and here are the details if you are interested!

    @mikeB If you are wondering what they have on the truck for light connectors it's just the 7-pin connector. I saw a video and they pulled the receiver cover off and I only saw the 7-pin.
  3. RED CANYON Rivian Club

    I have Red Canyon w/ Black Mountain interior configured currently. Part of me wants to go with Ocean Coast. Forest Edge just doesn't seem right with Red Canyon, so I'm not even considering that option.
  4. Rivian Stories: Official Drive Review (From Normal, IL).

    Glad to see some very deserving people get to test out the R1T! Really enjoy all of their videos!
  5. Anyone from Ohio?

    Nice to see someone else that was from Toledo. I'm west of Toledo in the small town of Napoleon. I've been very impressed with what Rivian has been doing and I'm excited to eventually see one in person. Shoutout to all my fellow Buckeyes!
  6. R1T demonstrates water fording in 40+ inches of water!

    Watching it just plow through this much water is super impressive! I would never attempt such a thing in the real world, but cool it can take on some water with no problems!
  7. Off-Road Upgrade or Not?

    Gotcha. I figured it was additional shielding on the underbody rather than just a heavier/thicker shielding. Seeing that its made of carbon fiber and aluminum it should not add much weight at all.
  8. Off-Road Upgrade or Not?

    That's fair. If you think you won't use it at all then its probably not worth it. I also really like the look with the tow hooks much better than with out.
  9. Off-Road Upgrade or Not?

    Yeah, I think its just better to get it. I think @skyote is right about the added aerodynamics with the underbody being more flat with the extra shielding. The range loss will be negligible more than likely.
  10. Off-Road Upgrade or Not?

    I'm in the same boat on this one. I doubt I will off-road much and I'm sure the extra weight will impact the range slightly. I'm thinking of getting it regardless just for the extra protection and the slight chance I do go down an unfavorable road (or get lost and find myself on one).