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  1. Driveout

    R1T vs GMC Hummer EV side-by-side look

    I am also surprised at the apparent size comparison. Of course the angle could have some impact on the relative sizes, usually farther away looks smaller and the R1T does look smaller just not as much as I thought. I hope the rear steering on the Hummer is robust. With control being delegated to...
  2. Driveout

    COMPASS YELLOW Rivian Club

    So many Hues of Compass Yellow represented in the various photos it's difficult to wrap my head around which is most representative. There is the fact that any color will appear differently depending upon lighting and monitor calibration. I've been in the Yellow camp from the first opportunity...
  3. Driveout

    Rebelle Rally starts up for Rivian R1T piloted by Emme and Rebecca!

    Compass Yellow finally gets due respect! It's nice to see such a happy charge port door.
  4. Driveout

    Rivian to produce battery cells in-house.

    As with Tesla we can see new battery tech can be daunting both in form factor and chemistry. It seems likely Rivian (and Samsung) will use proven tech and just get on with it for production. There are some brilliant people both collaboratively and competitively working on both solid state and...
  5. Driveout

    R1T vs Bronco Pics

    I didn't realize the Bronco was so big. The almost corner markers are a giveaway for the full sized Bronco. The markers are an interesting choice for styling but not really on the corners and just more aero drag. I bet it's pretty good off road as they were chasing the Wrangler. The Rivian just...
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    R1T vs Jeep Gladiator side-by-side look

    As is typical with vehicles there is a low trailing pressure zone. The back of a cow has a distinct advantage being naturally aspirated high pressure. Not a fair comparison.
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    Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    The notoriety of being an early adopter ("Hey what is that?") A better view ahead from sitting higher. More justification for the solar on the roof of my home. Off road prowess. On road prowess. A more comfortable ride. New tech to learn and apply. Freedom from hydrocarbons. Convincing my wife...
  8. Driveout

    Towing Spy Shot - R1T Tows ATC Trailer

    Check out this future design for aero and weight...
  9. Driveout

    📂 Rivian IPO S1 Filing - reveals preorder numbers, R1S delivery date, Autonomous Subscription Fee & more...

    150,000 per year, figure 5 day work weeks that's about 750 per day. At 50% start up with a 3 month trial ramp to capacity allowing for 375 per day to work out the production that's still 22,500 this year. There was no mention of how many of the 48k reservations were LE's. If that number is 60%...
  10. Driveout

    RIVIAN R1T Review - World's First Electric Truck + iPhone 13 Camera Test by TechMeOut

    It is nice to hear a take from someone without off road experience and a different mindset. I do love the Compass Yellow hitting lightspeed at 13:48, I expected no less.
  11. Driveout

    Towing Spy Shot - R1T Tows ATC Trailer

    The obvious solution is to make a trailer with an integral battery in the floor. Tow 1000 miles if you like then. Of course there might be a slight weight penalty decreasing the available volume of the towed trailer. Forget the slideouts, give me an inflatable like the Bigelow for the ISS and...
  12. Driveout

    What do you get for $67,500? Less and less, it appears.

    Pay up or this could be your truck:swear:. We are the evil Rivian masters of the universe, just give us direct access to your bank account... Really, there must be future short sellers here trying to stir up controversy. Added features mean added to the remarkable features which already out...
  13. Driveout

    Snazzy Labs: I Drove the Cybertruck Killer - Rivian R1T First Look Review

    My leaky confirmation bias bucket has been filled. As to the audio system my tinnitus renders the high end aspect moot. The end of 22 is longer than I want to wait... tomorrow is longer than I want to wait. I'm not so wild about TFL getting their hands on one, they seem to be embedded with the...
  14. Driveout

    Rivian technical nuggets gleaned from EPA application docs

    Video Rivian walkaround 1:50 drag coefficient 0.3
  15. Driveout

    Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    "Side mirrors project the Rivian logo on the ground." Nice attention to detail. The child locks on my car are right at eye level and easily accessible to inquisitive and deft little hands. The difficulty of engaging/disengaging the locks on the Rivian with a water tight seal is a great idea. The...
  16. Driveout

    Official: RIVIAN MEMBERSHIP Announced [1 year free trial beginning at day of delivery]

    Ideally the provider should be StarLink to account for the times there is no cell tower anywhere on the horizon while out in the bush or dunes or forest or metal detecting old mining towns... Oh yeah that's a competitors product. I wonder if the European versions will be unlocked to allow for...
  17. Driveout

    Official Rivian Wall Charger installation guide

    I'm grateful that Rivian has designated the wall in the installation instructions, I might have tried to float the charger in the air without the specific nomenclature to define a surface for attachment. I am admittedly a little slow.