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  1. Speedrye

    🔭 Cybertruck spied with new side mirrors, rear wheel steering, turning radius!

    I was thinking of guys in white sunglasses, but they're probably named Chad, so we're both right.
  2. Speedrye

    Expected R1S information

    No rush for me and I'm fine letting the R1T guys be the guinea pigs, so to speak. With that said, some kind of timeline would be nice.
  3. Speedrye

    TikTok Rivian Review for Milennials

    First time I've noted that all four seats have "oh sh*t" handles. My wife will be pleased.
  4. Speedrye

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    Yeah, looks somewhere between Nardo and the Cement Gray on the FJ Cruiser. I'd be okay with either or anything in between.
  5. Speedrye

    Official Rivian Stories: A Space To Gather - First Hub Opens @ Venice, CA

    I'm hoping Rivian uses these hubs for coordinating other events like MINI did when they first got to the states. Our local dealer did a good job coordinating events and really pulled a lot of people together. Renting a theater out for the remake of the Italian Job and having a long MINI...
  6. Speedrye

    Rivian OEM / Component Suppliers List

    I've seen Brembo listed for the front brake calipers, and the style precisely matches other Brembo caliper offerings.
  7. Speedrye

    GEAR GUARD "THINGY" POLL -- Love it, Hate it or Indifferent?

    This is my issue. The Rivian is loaded with technology, and being valued as a technology company, and while I like cartoons from 1978, I don't think it's the best representation of the tech. I don't want graphics making me think of 640x480 resolution, I want graphics that make me wonder if...
  8. Speedrye

    Third Bloomberg article

    Rivian pissed off someone at Bloomberg. That article was so full of BS to make an argument against their success, that's the only logical conclusion I can come to.
  9. Speedrye

    Deposit Envy

    I ran into a customer recently and somehow Rivian came up in conversation and he has a 2018 reservation. After reading this post, it made me realize how small the odds are of running into another Rivian deposit holder in the wild... I might go pick up lottery tickets tonight, haha.
  10. Speedrye

    Energy Displays

    Well, we can't really have endless "which oil is better" debates like most automotive forums, so we need to find something to debate!
  11. Speedrye

    Energy Displays

    Neither, I just want miles since I last reset it. 99%+ of my driving will be powered by charging from home. The occasional beach trip is only 200 miles each way, so that should be easy too. The only concern I've got is the rare 1,000-mile trip to Maine, and I suspect you're very right in that...
  12. Speedrye

    Tire Sizes

    Each increase above is to a more aggressive tread pattern. From highway tires to all-terrain, or all-terrain to mud tires. You do bring up a good point about the LRR tires though and I don't have enough experience with those to say how much of a difference they make.
  13. Speedrye

    Energy Displays

    I might be a simpleton, but just give me this and a trip meter. I've managed a million+ miles like this with no problem. I don't see how going electric instead of ICE makes this that much more complicated.
  14. Speedrye

    Tire Sizes

    I suspect weight was the biggest factor. There's a range/weight penalty jumping to a real, LT, all-terrain tire. I'm a little surprised by the quoted 10%-15% loss from their street 21's to their AT 20s. Having upgraded tires in the past on ICE vehicles, I've found I lose about 3% going to a...
  15. Speedrye

    Tire Sizes

    This is what made me wonder about LT- The listed XL rating only applies to passenger tires, not LT tires. I suspect they got the info from Pirelli, but who knows at this stage. Also, if you zoom into the...
  16. Speedrye

    Tire Sizes

    You guys sure about that? The stock AT tires aren't LT, they're just XL-load passenger tires if Pirelli is to be believed:
  17. Speedrye

    R1T vs Bronco Pics

    If this photo had been posted anywhere else, I'm not even sure I would've noticed the Rivian beyond the ugliness of that Bronco. First time I've seen the 4-door soft top, and I've gotta say, I find it hideous. This from someone that generally likes the new Bronco (Sport not so much). Tags do...
  18. Speedrye

    Tire Sizes

    Exactly. Is tire diameter/size user-configurable though? I'd likely run that size in a street tire on a 20" wheel. That's the same size I used to run on my Silverado (lowered 2wd) with performance summer tires, and handling was improved night and day over all-seasons. I'd still like to swap...
  19. Speedrye

    FOREST EDGE Rivian Interior Photos

    I'm vertically-challenged enough so that I can't see much of my hood while driving, so I'll never really see the two colors at the same time, haha. If I'm in the truck, I'll get the color I want in there, and if I've got the lawn chair set up in the garage as I lovingly carress the awesomeness...
  20. Speedrye

    Tire Sizes

    In related news, to achieve that load-rating, every tire on the market is heavier than the Pirelli's offered, both all-season and all-terrain. The stock 21" tire is only 38lbs while the 20" tire is 48lbs. Most that drive Jeeps and lighter off-road vehicles know that it's almost impossible to...