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  1. Aurum

    LIVE from Rivian's NY Auto Show Preview Event! (Q&A and R1T / R1S Hands-On)

    I think the second row is all the way back in it’s tracks in these photos. I assume there is a possibly 3-4 inches more room if the second row is moved up.
  2. Aurum

    LIVE from Rivian's NY Auto Show Preview Event! (Q&A and R1T / R1S Hands-On)

    Thanks for the Q and A! One thing I never noticed but thanks to the pictures, it looks like the rear cargo compartment of the R1S has 2 large side pockets where you could put any number of gear or groceries or whatever. And, it has the same floor cargo hooks like the ones used to clip in the...
  3. Aurum

    Video: Rivian R1T is more aerodynamic than any other pickup truck in the world

    @Hmp10 Wow, hadn't thought about this at all! I just assumed it was recessed. I think I found the video where you posted the screenshot from (Check out timestamp 1:27). I think you're right that there is a cover making the stadium lights flush. It would make a lot of sense in order to avoid...
  4. Aurum

    Talks Between GM and Rivian May Be Dead

    Thanks for posting; I saw this earlier today. I had been wondering if GM and Rivian would do some sort of trade such as Rivian providing their platform technology in exchange for capital investment as well as agreements to allow GM dealerships to be used to service Rivian vehicles. I guess we...
  5. Aurum

    What Power Source is needed to Re-charge battery?

    @Alan Burns if you’re talking about keeping the Rivian battery warm, RJ mentioned that when plugged in the liquid cooling system/ heating plates will keep the battery at optimal temperature at all times so that when you leave home you don’t waste the energy to heat up or cool down the battery.
  6. Aurum

    Rivian reiterates longest range model will go over 400 miles on single charge

    @Hmp10 I think you’re right about this. While it certainly seems like Rivian is planning and testing their vehicles and power trains well, you just can’t compete with billions of on the road miles. When Rivian was just getting started Tesla was already making vehicles. This makes me cautiously...
  7. Aurum

    Anyone get your Rivian preorder gift / swag?

    Obviously they are working as hard as they can and I think have a realistic time table. I’m sure that someone didn’t take a break from getting the factory ready in order to mail out the swag. If they did then they have some serious personnel issues! Haha.
  8. Aurum

    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    For me the “going green” part is not the biggest thing. It’s a plus for me. But the main part is charging at home, no oil changes or fill ups, quieter ride, and long term reliability. It just makes sense to go EV.
  9. Aurum

    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    This pretty much sums up my feelings. I agree if I do decide to go middle of the road and get the r1s at 300 range, then 80k better be fully loaded or at least top of the line with only a few options that I don’t care about pushing the price higher (different roof types, accessories, etc). I...
  10. Aurum

    Plastic body panels?

    @HMBxplore they have done drop tests on the underbody plate and it can withstand the entire vehicle’s weight on 2 square inches without having any damage to the battery. I think they said it was a composite material skid plate.
  11. Aurum

    Video: Rivian R1T is more aerodynamic than any other pickup truck in the world

    Yes! I want to know more about the vehicles. I have never gone skiing and probably never will...
  12. Aurum

    Regenerative Braking Capacity

    @Hmp10 This is definitely my favorite part about regen braking. I love the fact that the energy can be harnessed while at the same time increasing the longevity of the disc brakes by an exponential amount! Makes it feel like I’m cheating.
  13. Aurum

    Anyone get your Rivian preorder gift / swag?

    IIRC you can swap between R1S or R1T when it comes time to buy for free. No need to have two orders. It should say that in the notification email (I know it did on mine). @PoorPilot
  14. Aurum

    Anyone get your Rivian preorder gift / swag?

    I got this same thing in the mail today, but it had concept art from R1S! Cool! It must be because I preordered the R1S.
  15. Aurum

    Rivian confirmed for NY Auto Show, with pre-show invite only event

    My understanding is that they will be there for public as well.
  16. Aurum

    R1S Top Design

    They really have to keep drag coefficients in mind as well. You don’t want to reduce that 400 mile range down to 250 just because you have a taller cabin. I agree with above as well, it looks like from the videos that people have plenty of headroom.
  17. Aurum

    Why is towing capacity so much different then R1T?

    Yeah, RJ and a few other employees of Rivian have mentioned the towing capacity for both vehicles far exceeds the stated rating since there is so much electric torque available. However, he said they had to keep vehicle's range in mind. You might be able to tow 10k pounds, but then only have...
  18. Aurum

    Introductions! Drop in and say hello new and old members...

    I'm a guy in southeast US driving his wife's car (Nissan sentra) after she recently got a new car when the time came but she went with a Tacoma (not really enough room for family and not enough internal storage). Looking to go all electric in a couple years when it's time for me to replace. I...
  19. Aurum

    South Carolina, anyone?

    I feel certain I will see a few Rivian vehicles out on the interstate here in SC. Are we gonna have some customary wave?! Any other SC folks here?
  20. Aurum

    Rivian R1S in many different colors

    I’m also a big fan of the blue! If I end up fulfilling my preorder, I will probably go with a blue like that or possibly dark/ rust red.