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  1. Mister Person

    Insurance Cost / Quotes / Premiums Thread

    Statefarm doesn't seem to know what vehicle that is yet. Can't get a quote.
  2. Mister Person

    How to buy Rivian Pre-IPO stocks.

    How will reservation holders get in on this? I assume we'll get some email at some point inviting us to participate?
  3. Mister Person

    The Norwegian experience - get the MAX PACK !

    Thanks for the post and sparking this conversation, @Erik! My R1S will be a daily driver around Chicago with a handful of trips a year to northern Michigan, about 350 miles one way. I'm curious about the R1S max pack...what will its range be, vehicle curb weight, price, etc. I'll consider it...
  4. Mister Person

    Video: scrolling through Rivian windshield wiper options - sprinkle, drizzle, shower, downpour and storm

    OFFTOPIC: I really wish these pedestrian and other vehicle animations would go away, and be replaced by something more static, like an icon that represents "pedestrians ahead". None of the implementations of these visualizations I've seen (this or Tesla's) have been very good, and I'm not sure...
  5. Mister Person

    Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    R U kidding? You’re not alone! Coming from a 2007 Prius (original owner) to R1S: 1. 3 rows (family of 5). 2. Any acceleration at all. I’ve never cared about 0-60 times and I drive conservatively, but I’m looking forward to the occasional thrill, and ability to pass/merge with confidence. 3...
  6. Mister Person

    Configurator Updated with Payment Estimator

    That number in the URL doesn't mean anything. It's an ID pointing to some database entry. My number is in the hundreds of millions.
  7. Mister Person

    Have You Gone Fully Electric??

    Not even close to fully electric. I'm not even sure this great push into EVs is good for us or the planet. I'm more aligned with the thinking that we should use what we've got until we can't, i.e. cars that already exist. There is a tremendous environmental cost to building these battery packs...
  8. Mister Person

    📂 Rivian IPO S1 Filing - reveals preorder numbers, R1S delivery date, Autonomous Subscription Fee & more...

    Respectfully, you and I have very different ideas of what makes a better world.
  9. Mister Person

    Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    Yeah but wouldn't it be under construction by now? Chicago is sure to be a big market for Rivian.
  10. Mister Person

    Cant decide on a combo groupthink [megathread]

    I think El Cap Granite looks very handsome on R1S, at least in the configurator. That black roof line with the silver/white accent line going from front to back. El Cap just looks handsome and strong. My other favorite color is Forest Green which I currently have configured. For the interior...
  11. Mister Person

    OCEAN COAST Rivian Interior Photos

    I like the idea of a panoramic roof but not if it's a mirror, lol.
  12. Mister Person

    BLACK MOUNTAIN Rivian Interior Photos

    Looks great in these photos!
  13. Mister Person

    FOREST GREEN Rivian Club

    My R1S config is FG/FE. I also really really like El Cap Granite, at least in the configurator. So might go ECG/FE. 1. FG/FE 2. FG/OC 3. ECG/OC 4. ECG/FE but I need to see them all in person first.
  14. Mister Person

    Is Keeping your Old Car Better for the Environment?

    Keeping old cars longer can help the environment more than buying new electric cars, study finds
  15. Mister Person

    Frightening EV Credits

    Total market distortion. The tax credits should be dropped completely and auto makers forced to innovate and compete.
  16. Mister Person

    Rivian User Experience powered by Unreal Engine. Director of UX Design shows a few features

    I made the same suggestion in another thread, that there is probably some liability for Rivian in providing mapping. However, they could release a mapping iOS/android app that can then exist within CarPlay. So you could have your Rivian map app with RAN and waypoint, integrated with your range...
  17. Mister Person

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    I don't know about this method. I ordered an R1S a few weeks ago, but I somehow doubt I'm 242 millionth in line.
  18. Mister Person

    What is important to you from the infotainment system?

    Apple CarPlay is nice, but honestly coming from a 2007 Prius I get along just fine without it now (my wife's car has it and it's nice to see the navigation up there). Please don't waste engineering resources on stupid fart sound effects. It makes sense to me that Rivian would want users to...
  19. Mister Person

    Illinois EV Rebate Conundrum

    Surcharges on everyone’s electricity bills in three tiers: residential (lowest surcharge), commercial (higher), and industrial (highest). The legislation also covers grants to renewable and nuclear power plants.