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  1. R1T Preorder you need a truck?

    We had the slow version of the Baja and always wanted the turbo version. While on the small side, the cargo passthrough was a great feature that we used often enough. They also had a slick fork mount bike rack that attach near the front of the bed. that and the bed extender were great add-ons.
  2. R1T Preorder you need a truck?

    The 1st vehicle I purchased new was a Jeep Comanche pickup. It was inexpensive, remarkably reliable for the time, and served its purpose as basic transportation. While I did use it to haul plywood on occasion, it was mostly a commuter vehicle. It was eventually replaced with a Ford Ranger...
  3. Bed Extender?

    Tailgate doesn't fold like that in production vehicles. Flat like other trucks.
  4. Can R1T Take Me There?

    It's never the same trail twice... This holds true for most every trail due to erosion, rocks being kicked out of place, etc.
  5. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Kyle didn't say they actually made poor architecture choices. Poorly architected software makes maintenance and bug fixes more difficult, and thus more time consuming.
  6. Rivian to produce battery cells in-house.

    I would expect something similar to the Nevada GigaFactory, which is essentially a factory in a factory.
  7. Rivian to produce battery cells in-house.

    Based on my experience with a major battery cell (18650/21700) manufacturer, a new factory based on existing tech/process can easily take a year or more until it's able to produce commercially viable cells. This is after the factory has been built and equipped...
  8. Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    No worries. It's kind of like alternator/generator getting used interchangeably at times. The combination of the Rivian battery and the invertor inside the DC fast charger is more correctly a whole home battery backup system. Functionally replacing the role of a backup generator, but...
  9. Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    From a system perspective, the vehicle and charger combination effectively become a generator producing 240VAC.
  10. Heads up display

    I work on AR HUD systems. They're larger than a traditional HUD. You need to reserve a volume of almost 20 liters for AR in order to get enough coverage of the road scene.
  11. Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    Eventual use as a whole home backup generator.
  12. What mapping system is Rivian using?

    CarPlay has a hardware requirement (authentication chip, licensed by Apple), while Android Auto is a software only implementation aside from the transport layer hardware such as USB.
  13. What mapping system is Rivian using?

    That certainly helps...
  14. What mapping system is Rivian using?

    And Google writes the app, not Apple... The app runs on the mobile device, not natively on the car.
  15. What mapping system is Rivian using?

    I personally find the absence of Google Maps to be a positive attribute. I'm willing to guess that very few of us here have working experience with all of the possible map/navigation providers from a development perspective, and we don't know what Rivian's selection criteria was. I will say...
  16. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    While the SW code base may be updating daily, they likely aren't doing daily releases if they're following a more structured release process using two week sprints. It's highly unlikely they'd be doing continuous integration/release cycles, which is more appropriate for cloud deployments. You...
  17. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    I think if ladiver was legally responsible for regulatory compliance and product safety for Rivian, they might have a different opinion. Software is NEVER finished, if it's not completely obvious. Monthly OTA updates wouldn't be surprising to me during the first 6-12 months following launch...
  18. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Part of the problem is arbitrarily determining what beta software even means. It's possible to have what are identical builds from a source code perspective, but with different compiler options for things such as logging. Then there's Engineering or Diagnostic Modes that can be enabled with...
  19. TFL drives the new GMC Hummer EV

    Agreed. I think the synthetic powertrain noise was very noticeable in the Inside EVs video. I think GM is using it to mask all the other unpleasant sounds that don't appear to be present in the R1T.
  20. TFL drives the new GMC Hummer EV

    I think they have synthetic "engine" sounds as well.