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  1. Electric Tiger

    Videos: Rivian infotainment touchscreen display response & Forest Edge Interior

    I cannot wait to see these in person. It is so hard to decide exterior and interior colors via computer screen.
  2. Electric Tiger

    TFL snubbed by Rivian: video

    To “ghost” someone, there has to have been a relationship of some sort prior to the ghosting. If TFL and Rivian had been in discussions of TFL reviewing the R1T and Rivian just stopped responding, then bad on Rivian. But it sounds like that conversation never started, so no ghosting. I like...
  3. Electric Tiger

    South Carolina, anyone?

    Living just south of Charlotte, I go to Charlotte to purchase vehicles so this is not a big problem for me. But I agree that we need to get SC to change these terrible laws.
  4. Electric Tiger

    80A L2 charging

    Am I mistaken in thinking that the faster you charge the battery the quicker you degrade the battery? Do you really think the Ford will pull the max charge all night? I personally don’t think battery technology is to the point that an EV can replace a ICE truck that pulls a trailer everyday...
  5. Electric Tiger


    GM, NCLH, & RCL are my movers right now.
  6. Electric Tiger

    South Carolina, anyone?

    Another from Fort Mill checking in.