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  1. godfodder0901

    Rivian Apparel

    Can confirm. This is the Favicon used at
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    Rear Split Windows?

    Actually, it will. I spoke to RJ at the Seattle event on that exact topic and he mentioned that is was important to them to make sure that the window did, in fact, come all the way down.
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    Attending Fully Charged Live in Austin?

    I can confirm that this will indeed be changed.
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    Rivian customers share thoughts about preordering a vehicle

    I'm not sure I agree, based on this snipit: "Rivian had nearly 10,000 pre-orders as of December, according to a report from the Frost & Sullivan research firm." Sure, that firm is trying to sell their research for $5,000, but I've never seen anyone else present a concise number...
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    Attending Fully Charged Live in Austin?

    I talked with a battery engineer at the Seattle event, and this is what he told me. I would, however, take whatever Brian says to the bank and weigh it much more heavily than most other employees.
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    Lincoln SUV will be first First vehicle built on Rivian skateboard chassis

    It will not be. It will simply be the first vehicle built from the Ford/Rivian partnership.
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    Any details on the Door handles.

    Brian has mentioned many times, however, that the final design of the handles will be different than those seen on the prototypes.
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    Unofficial color thread for R1S (with renderings)

    I've seen the Silver/Green combo in NYC and Seattle and can say that, for me, it definitely looks much less green than many photographs show. In fact, I had a hard time even believing that it wasn't gray when I first saw it in NYC, but the lighting was a little dim. In the daylight it may look...
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    R1S flat towing behind an RV?

    Brian Gase told be that this is possible. You will be able to disengage drive from any of the wheels.
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    Pics from CES & Announcements Coming Soon!

    They pull out of the front of the center console.
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    Blue R1T Pickup image

    The one directly above is from the Seattle event.
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    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    Not old per se. But not new. Released on Christmas.
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    Rivian trademarks TANK TURN! Now with official video.

    I think people are misunderstanding the word "available"... which doesn't mean it is a paid option. The quad-motor is standard across the range so, even IF they did charge for the feature, it's a simple software upgrade. No way it cost $5k... which was just speculation by one user anyway.
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    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    I can confirm that they do, but they also only put out good info. They don't 'shoot from the hip' like other EV makers.
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    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    One would think it would be just as useful to simply raise the target tire, while the other three are still on the ground.
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    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    Don't forget the $7,000 for the FSD option..... Isn't that what the 90 or 100 in the P100D, 90D stand for??