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  1. Rhinotjv

    Shhh...Don’t Tell Anyone the Rain Isn’t *That* Bad

    Spokane here with an R1T reservation! I thought I was going to be the only one in town :)
  2. Rhinotjv

    Blue R1T Pickup image

    Hey that's my picture! :)
  3. Rhinotjv

    Rivian merch store

    I discussed this with I believe the marketing person at the Seattle meetup. I told her that they would sell a ton of merch if there was a way to do so. She said that they are aware of the demand however currently since they have never really sold anything that it would change their tax status...
  4. Rhinotjv

    Unofficial color thread for R1S (with renderings)

    I would say the darker one is closer for the lighting conditions however the tone is still off a bit. It almost has just a touch of green and gray in it, hard to explain. In bright light the other blue is more accurate.
  5. Rhinotjv

    2019 LA Auto Show

    Their website was unchanged from 2018 lineup until 2019 show was fairly close. I thought the same thing when I checked it like a month ago and Rivian was listed. Glad I happened to be on vacation in LA last year during the show and decided to pay a visit.
  6. Rhinotjv

    Tesla Truck Unveiling 11/21

    Definitely happy with my R1T preorder at the moment...
  7. Rhinotjv

    R1T offroad footage and info from from South America!

    I can confirm that they are using this system on the R1T and R1S, I talked to Charles Sanderson at the Seattle event about it. Or should I say he talked about it quite extensively, I was trying to soak it all in. If you guys ever get to an event and see him, that's the guy you want to talk to...
  8. Rhinotjv

    Anyone get your Rivian preorder gift / swag?

    Hey that’s my tweet! Recently joined here and happy to have contributed long before then!
  9. Rhinotjv

    Rivian Rally Model Imagined!

    Nice work! Reminds me of a life size RC car.
  10. Rhinotjv

    Uptown Normal, Ill. Rivian showcase

    I think I have consumed just about everything out there except for the IG stuff at least once. Besides the plug question I think I am pretty up to speed. I have been pretty active on Reddit but recently joined here as it seems like there is some deeper info being passed around. Thanks again...
  11. Rhinotjv

    Uptown Normal, Ill. Rivian showcase

    Thanks for clearing that up! Another thing that I think that user got wrong was the cameras in the headlights. I'm pretty sure those are just large LEDs in the center of the ovals.
  12. Rhinotjv

    Uptown Normal, Ill. Rivian showcase

    Can someone help me understand why they have a Chademo charging port? I had heard several times that they would have a CCS port. I thought CCS was going to be the run away winner of platforms. The EA station recently built near us has I think 11 CCS and one Chademo. Can they be adapted between?
  13. Rhinotjv

    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    I was referring to their post on Twitter.
  14. Rhinotjv

    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    The one they posted about the Seattle event with all of the pictures of the blue R1T.
  15. Rhinotjv

    Rivian Waiting Room: Have you pre-ordered with deposit?

    R1T deposit put down December 2018 after seeing the vehicles at the LA Auto Show. Hadn't heard about them 2 weeks before that until I googled electric pickup, timing was great as we just happened to have a trip to LA planned. I would have already had a Tesla but need more ground...
  16. Rhinotjv

    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    I just noticed that they took down the Seattle tweet for some reason.