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  1. Can R1T Take Me There?

    Just to add one more point about potential deficiencies of R1: If you have been following the Rebelle Rally, you'll notice that the vehicle weight did come into issue. A traditional ICE off-roader, generally, is a bit lighter nowadays, maybe by 500-800 lbs. That is significant in some...
  2. Photos From Rivian Venice Hub Welcome Event 10/16

    No doubt you had quite a bit of fun :like:
  3. The Norwegian experience - get the MAX PACK !

    I think @Erik is talking about a future we have not yet experienced here in the US, we maybe in for a rude awakening. Nearly 95% of Norway’s electricity is produced by hydropower, which is quite different than...
  4. Can R1T Take Me There?

    Good question. The 4 motors and electronically controlled suspension, the chassis design are tremendous, opens up whole new capabilities. However, I also think the R1 platform is too fragile for the specific environment depicted in that video. There aren't any rocksliders on the R1, but...
  5. Motor Trend - Rivian R1T: Electrifying the Outdoors - Final Leg (5) posted

    I agree with you all. I really liked the series, different than all others. I wish they had included a little more content on how they used some of the more unique features, but maybe the lack of such content is because those features were just second nature and part of the overall experience...
  6. Rebelle Rally starts up for Rivian R1T piloted by Emme and Rebecca!

    Partially correct, @SeaGeo . Navigation, without GPS or mapping software, is a big part of it, and it is not a speed race for sure. However, part of navigation is performing off-road 10 to 12 hours a day, and your hardware must endure that while overcoming off-road obstacles. I have done a...
  7. Rebelle Rally starts up for Rivian R1T piloted by Emme and Rebecca!

    What conclusions can one draw from this about the R1T and/or hybrid/electric off-roading?
  8. Can R1T Take Me There?

    I think both of you have good points. If the RAM PowerWagon can make it through with its very long wheelbase, the R1T should be able to as well. The issues may certainly be tires, range, underside protection, and vulnerability of the air suspension. The PowerWagon appears to be on at least 37"...
  9. Can R1T Take Me There?

    I think it may be asking too much of it :( what do you think?
  10. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Those must be 22" wheels, they look so good on this truck.
  11. R1T set for Rebelle Rally 2021 [Oct 7th - 16th]

    Very cool: And the red R1T looks gorgeous at 57:44 marker. It is probably a support vehicle.
  12. El CAP GRANITE Rivian Club

    In pictures, I really hardly can take my eyes off the R1 with this color. It is so attractive to me, although I swore off silver, gray, black tones.
  13. Photos and observations from First Mile Event with R1T

    Thank you, I really enjoyed reading your notes and the picture. Especially the comments on the green interior, which excites me the most.
  14. Lack of Android Auto / Waze is a reason to cancel

    I have to admit that I initially felt almost the same as the OP. I felt as if one more negative got added to the list that is now pushing closer to the reasons for canceling the order. However, The R1 is so good and so unique in so many ways, I am now coming to the conclusion that nearly nothing...
  15. Gear Tunnel Shuttle thoughts?

    I don’t know if it is removable, but I think it would come handy to pull 200 lbs of gear out to access a specific item, instead of emptying all that gear to get the item in the middle of the pack. For example, if you have a fresh water jerrycan stored there, lifting and pulling that out may be...
  16. Rivian Sales to Date

    And if the poll on this forum is an indication, 2/3rds of those 48K would be for R1S. Just shooting in the dark haha.
  17. Off-roading Newb Question

    Without a doubt, the location of CG on EVs in general will do wonders. However, there is also the inherent significant advantage to having all of the torque a 0 RPM. Add to that you don't have to worry about differentials and each wheel having its own motor... OMG! I cannot wait to experience that.
  18. Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    This just made my day! :clap:
  19. TFL snubbed by Rivian: video

    I wonder if TFL guys were invited to the Ford’s Lightning event in Denver?
  20. TFL snubbed by Rivian: video

    I have been watching TFL guys for a while now. They do entertaining videos IMO, however, the more I watched the more I have become biased against their reviews. They self-proclaim to be the "experts" particularly in trucks and off-roading, towing, etc. If you take the entertainment portion off...