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  1. Bay Area First Mile Event invites sent - Nov 5 onwards

    Nothing for me. R1S and preordered a few months ago.
  2. R1T vs Bronco Pics

    The other thing that makes a big difference in my opinion is soft top vs hard top. I'm not a big fan of the soft top. With that said, I agree, the ones you've seen are probably Bronco sports. There are very few of the full sized Broncos on the road as Ford has had huge issues with production...
  3. R1T vs Bronco Pics

    I came across this on the Bronco6g forum. Nice size comparison. Also, I can't quite see if the Rivian has temporary plates. Maybe another customer delivery (or one of the ones we've already seen)?
  4. My Day With RJ Scaringe — A Lucky Encounter & R1T Impressions

    Wow, that's awesome! Not sure which is more impressive, that RJ was so friendly or that your mom spotted the Rivians and went with you. I'll give more points to your mom!
  5. Newest language on the EV incentive

    FWIW, Rivian's response to the proposal is below (per a Bloomberg Tax article): Rivian, the electric-truck maker backed by Inc., said the expansion of the tax credit is a “step in the right direction” but that the proposal “risks confusing” potential buyers. “Rivian supports a...