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  1. LA SILVER Rivian Club

    My initial motivation for picking LA silver was the $1K saving. Then, the more pics of R1T in LA silver I see, the more I feel the saving is just icing on the cake. I am hoping it will look great in person. GR
  2. Configurator Updated with Payment Estimator

    Not bold, but unless you plan to finance for 84 months (for some, that's still not a long enough horizon to put funds in the market), there are certainly risks associated with such strategy. GR
  3. Poll - Did you order an R1T or R1S

    If R1T comes with 3 rows of seats, that's what I would have ordered! 😆 GR
  4. My R1T test drive review from Normal today. It is very good

    It depends on the person who builds your burrito, IME! GR
  5. Rivian First Mile R1T Preview appointment confirmation

    I guess I misinterpreted "at-home" test drives as overnight since Tesla offers that. Do you known when would at-home test drives be available? Thanks. GR
  6. Rivian First Mile R1T Preview appointment confirmation

    I apologize if this has been discussed in another thread. When will the at home/overnight test drive be available? GR
  7. Evidence of R1S Max Pack

    Assuming there is indeed a max pack (whatever kWh it might end up being) for R1S, does anyone think it will delay delivery of a non-LE preorder if chosen? GR
  8. RJ tweets about production of first customer Rivian R1T!

    That's within spec! As Elon's gang would call it.😆 GR
  9. Should 20" Wheels be the standard wheel included

    The bolded is another of my concerns if there are limited options on the 21". I supposed a spare (I plan to get one) can tide me over until the custom tire gets shipped. GR
  10. Should 20" Wheels be the standard wheel included

    Thanks. If the 20" and 22" are similar in price to the 21", I supposed that's just the cost of owning a Rivian. But I am still not comfortable with just 1 option for the 21". I honestly don't need the off-roading capability of the 20" and would rather not take the range penalty, too. Perhaps...
  11. Should 20" Wheels be the standard wheel included

    I have never bought any vehicle over $40K, so I have never paid over $250 each on any tire. Is that a reasonable price to pay for tires for expensive vehicles? How much would a comparable 20" or 22" cost (I couldn't find Rivian on Tire Rack)? GR
  12. Information or reasoned speculation on range with AT 20's and 'Conserve' mode - please avoid drift

    That's my concern as well. I don't want to get stuck with paying expensive replacements down the road. This choice is now made more difficult with decrease in range if I opt for the 20". GR
  13. Should 20" Wheels be the standard wheel included

    Now that EPA numbers have been released, what do people think about 20" vs 21" wheels? GR
  14. Charging routines

    Thanks. Since the R1S will be my first ever EV, I am trying to learn as much as I can before it arrives. GR
  15. Charging routines

    If I were to use about 20% of charge a day, is it better to charge back up from 60% to 80% every day or wait until it dips down to 30-40% and charge once every few days to get back to 80%? GR
  16. Alexa, Turn up the heat?

    I am hoping the wake word can be changed to "Rivian" (it's not happening, I know). GR
  17. Charging routines

    Is there a consensus on which charging routine would result in optimal battery life? GR
  18. What $70K ICE car would you have gotten ?

    If no other 7-pax BEV SUV is available in the next couple of years, I will likely opt for XC90 Recharge. GR
  19. What would you do if price increased?

    I am not expecting mine (R1S) until late 2022/early 2023, so if Rivian decides to raise the price on my order when it's time to finalize it, I will weigh my options at that point. If the new price is still a better value proposition to its competitors, I will just bite the bullet. GR