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  1. Zac

    PORTABLE REFRIGERATORS for Rivians -- 12V or 110V??

    We should ask CS to go out and measure it or, better yet, see if we can get someone going to the NY First Drive event or Venice space to measure it. Someone must have a tape measure they can bring with them.
  2. Zac

    Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    What do people think about getting a RTT that overhangs the back of the R1T, i.e., something longer than 54-60 inches? I'd like to get one that can (really) sleep 3 people, like the iKamper Skycamp 2.0, Roofnest Condor XL, or Tuff Stuff Alpha. I've seen other people have it with an overhang. Is...
  3. Zac

    NY First Mile invitations going out

    A CS woman who is on the team to travel for First Drive events told me today that there is only 1 team at this point and they are not announcing future dates/locations for events yet (like a rock tour). They don't want to "disappoint" people if plans change. She did tell me that she was excited...
  4. Zac

    Official Rivian Stories: A Space To Gather - First Hub Opens @ Venice, CA

    I confirmed with CS that the invites for Friday and Saturday, Oct 15 and 16, are just for people locally to come check it out before it opens to the public. Starting on Sunday, Oct 17, it is open for anyone to visit during their open hours.
  5. Zac

    Article: Rivian founder ran a 12-year marathon to build the first electric pickup [Autoblog]

    We do have some information. Rivian is not prioritizing deliveries of R1T and R1S this year. ( My guess is that once they deliver their 300 Amazon Prime vans by the EOY, R1Ts and R1Ss will move up in the priority queue.
  6. Zac

    Fridge freezer options.

    Were you able to get measurements of the frunk, especially the lower part?
  7. Zac

    Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    I don't think there is any way 1 person can do it. Definitely need 2.
  8. Zac

    PORTABLE REFRIGERATORS for Rivians -- 12V or 110V??

    I do find it strange that Rivian didn't think through this issue and offer an electric cooler as part of their adventure gear at launch that fits the vehicle. What's a camp kitchen for without camp food to cook?
  9. Zac

    PORTABLE REFRIGERATORS for Rivians -- 12V or 110V??

    I’ve been holding off on buying one until I can measure the frunk. Did anyone by chance bring a tape measure with them to Normal to get the dimensions of the lower part under the shelf? If that is too narrow/small for a dual zone Dometic or ARB, where will folks put their electric cooler? We...
  10. Zac

    Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    I can't wait to... Not wait in line at the Costco gas station every Sunday Easily throw our surfboards, mountain bikes, etc. in the back or on a rack and head out for a few hours of fun with my family Go camping over a 2-day weekend without spending 5 days planning and packing
  11. Zac

    Rivian Camp Kitchen walkthrough by TechCrunch

    My wife said, "Of course you are buying the Camp Kitchen!" No argument from me there. :D However, I keep wondering why there is no electric cooler/refrigerator included with the Camp Kitchen. Not much of a kitchen without food. I've been looking at various brands of electric coolers (e.g...
  12. Zac

    Test Drive Invitations are arriving! And First Mile events tab now available

    Did anyone at the event ask/find out about Alexa integration? I haven't heard much about it recently. Is this going to be an OTA update?
  13. Zac

    Camp Kitchen dilemma

    It seems to me that you'd have to put it in the frunk. Most of the decently-sized, commercially available electric coolers I've looked at (Dometic, Arb, etc.) are too tall to fit in the bed with the tonneau closed (only 17" of height per Rivian). I don't think you'd want an expensive cooler in...
  14. Zac

    Rivian receives all regulatory approvals and can now be sold & delivered in all 50 states: ITS HAPPENING!

    CNBC wrote, "A Rivian spokeswoman confirmed that the vehicles being produced are saleable. She declined to discuss the company's plans for ramping-up production, including how many trucks were produced Tuesday, and who will be the first customers to receive the vehicles."
  15. Zac

    Answers & info from lunch w/ Rivian's Sr. Director of Customer Engagement Center

    Ha! Seriously, it would be good to know the exact dates ahead of time, especially for folks who may want to travel to one of those cities to get an earlier hands-on experience.
  16. Zac

    Answers & info from lunch w/ Rivian's Sr. Director of Customer Engagement Center

    Good question! Rivian's website under Stories still says the following. "We're kicking off our drive program in August — we can’t wait for you to get behind the wheel to experience the performance and handling of driving a Rivian. The first cities we’ll visit include Los Angeles, San Francisco...
  17. Zac

    Official Video: How Does it Feel to Drive a Rivian (Featuring Preorder Holders)

    Agreed! It seems like asking Alexa to change driving modes would be easier when whipping around turns than fiddling with the center screen.
  18. Zac

    Clear Look at Canyon Red Rivian R1T

    Nice! Thanks! I like red canyon too. Are there any more pics from different angles?
  19. Zac

    Rivian to Include Air Compressor Kit With All Vehicles (Confirmed by Customer Service)

    I made the same comment to Rivian CS and they said they would submit that as a request.