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  1. Iwannarivian

    The Anticipation is Killing Me

    Must be up to the guide!? My birthday was beginning of October…crickets…….😩😩😩
  2. Iwannarivian

    What mapping system is Rivian using?

    Apple Maps ARE TomTom maps…open up Maps on your iphone, click the map type in top right corner, now look at bottom of screen…..BTW these seem perfectly fine to me.
  3. Iwannarivian

    5th Wheel or Gooseneck Trailer specifications for R1T?

    Bed weight capacity is only 1764 lbs… basic rule to go by is that the tongue weight of a 5th wheel trailer is about 20 percent of the gross trailer weight. Eg…11,000lb trailer (5th wheel)=2,200lbs tongue weight…and if thats in the bed its too much for the R1T.
  4. Iwannarivian

    Post from COO of Snow Peak (Rivian Camp Kitchen)

    Figured as much…but I guess having a fridge in the frunk isn’t too bad since it can plug in there as well.
  5. Iwannarivian

    Post from COO of Snow Peak (Rivian Camp Kitchen)

    Doubt you‘ll be able to buy modules separately, but I have thought about whether you could remove the sink module and replace it with a refrigerator…would be super convenient since on a shuttle and plugs in right there…wonder how much room is left over in the gear tunnel with the full kitchen...
  6. Iwannarivian

    Rivian charger vs. other charging devices

    Understanding that the onboard charger is the gatekeeper for rate of charge…is that due to hardware in the vehicle or software? Would it benefit having extra capacity for future updates/ improvements? Or is this a one and done deal?
  7. Iwannarivian

    LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    Yep, Cobra was a little lower😜…and the cobra sold in 2 days for $20k over what I was originally wanting!!! The R1T is my “consolidation” mobile, it does everything I want…got rid if the sport car and will be off loading the Yukon “s00n” I hope!!!
  8. Iwannarivian

    LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    I’ve been Rivian Blue/Ocean Coast the entire time…but have also thought about LG due to its exclusivity…but in the end, think I’m sticking with RB/OC! This is my replacement vehicle for my Electric blue Backdraft Cobra…so I have a little attachment to blue…
  9. Iwannarivian

    🚨 R1T Red Alert: First Retail "Sellable R1T" - First Look Video!

    What color did you see….I could tell…
  10. Iwannarivian

    🚨 R1T Red Alert: First Retail "Sellable R1T" - First Look Video!

    From the lighting, couldnt tell if the interior was black or ocean coast…I ordered Blue/Ocean coast/standard 20 AT
  11. Iwannarivian

    Badge appreciation thread

    I could go for that! That would look tight…I really like the compass logo! Would be kinda like the ram head vs spelling “RAM”
  12. Iwannarivian

    Doug Demuro Review (eventual placeholder) - predictions (as of 9/2/21)

    Critically asses and critically assesses have significantly different meanings…😳😵
  13. Iwannarivian

    Heads up display

    ..all I’m asking for are sharks, with freaking yellow laser beams attached to them! Honestly, why am I paying you people for…
  14. Iwannarivian

    Insurance Cost / Quotes / Premiums Thread

    Progressive quote was $537/6 mths
  15. Iwannarivian

    Doug Demuro Review (eventual placeholder) - predictions (as of 9/2/21)

    FYI…The Taycan is made by PORSCHE…maybe that’s why the review was so infuriating for you??? Agree that Munro needs to get his hands on a Rivian…very curious to see what he thinks of the ‘tech’ in regards to Telsa’s tech, which he regards as far superior to ALL other EV brands…
  16. Iwannarivian

    Support Article Updates: Digital Purchasing, Alexa Info, and more

    What color interior is this in the pic? Rivian Blue exterior, interior looks too light to be black, too dark to be Ocean coast (especially the wood), so is it Forest Green?! On Blue?!? Interesting…..
  17. Iwannarivian

    Clear look at green charging status light bar (on R1T)!

    I’ve been diagnosed as: An Agnostic Dyslexic Insomniac…I’m always lying awake at night wondering if there really is a Dog…
  18. Iwannarivian

    What Will Be The First Song You Play In Your New Rivian?

    Feels like the First Time…Foreigner since I’ve never driven an EV
  19. Iwannarivian

    Camp Kitchen

    Does anyone see an issue with the kitchen blocking the passenger rear door? Seems like a kid away from major door dents...Seems like if they flipped the kitchen configuration so the range top and sink opened to the rear there would be less chances of door strikes on kitchen.