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  1. RforRivian

    R1T on an FSR, previewed in all colors we know so far.

    I'm surprised about how well the yellow accents fit. It looks great on all of these!
  2. RforRivian

    Million Mile Batteries: Fairly Soon, If Not Sooner

    If Tesla really is several years ahead in the battery game then we will likely find out come September (assume that date sticks). There is also a lot of research going into battery technologies, such as solid state batteries. Its clear that the current battery tech isn't going to cut it as more...
  3. RforRivian

    Attending Fully Charged Live in Austin?

    I really hope they keep the yellow accents. The RJ Blue with the yellow accents is literally a dream combo for me. I know that sounds weird but back when the FJ Crusier released in '06 the 13 year old me loved that car and especially the blue and yellow colors. It was the car I wanted as a kid...