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    Gasp... pure touch interfaces aren't what consumers want

    if the rivian steering wheel contains tacticle buttons for volume and changing radio stations or 'next song' then it'll be fine. My subaru forester has all of that and it's 10 years old, so perhaps theres a way to get the best of both worlds.
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    Gasp... pure touch interfaces aren't what consumers want

    I had a pure touchscreen head unit in one of my cars. It sucked. Why? Because when you have to be >accurate< on a touchscreen while driving, you have to take your focus off the road. Tactile buttons being in the right location can make a lot of difference. I changed to another touchscreen head...
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    Rivian colors samples from recent video

    I'd definately choose that. Works in the city and in the bush. I like it a lot. -D
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    All of those positions are the sort of jobs you need when you're trying to hire a massive workforce. Now that they have their 1800 odd? employees, they can slim the HR dept down a bit and let go of the recruiters. I mean, they're probably not going to be expanding during the pandemic, and once...
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    R1T on an FSR, previewed in all colors we know so far.

    Reckon you could do one in Tonka truck yellow? -D
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    Our own "configurator" Thread

    Given I live in Aus and there is almost zero charging infrastructure, I would go with the following; R1T 180kw Rivian Silver (I'm not impressed with the colour options, but I like the default silver for some reason - I want a color that isn't going to stick out when I'm camping but I'd like it...
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    Full size spare wheel - underbody mount?

    Having the wheel under the body doesn't make it harder to get at. Actually, if you're jacking up the rear of the car then you're getting better access to the underbody wheel. Also the aircompressor, I assume, would have a hose long enough to reach the front wheels, so it should be able to also...
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    Full size spare wheel - underbody mount?

    Plastic cowling covering the underbody rear should act as a diffuser much as the natural aerodynamics already do. Its not so much of a loss if your space is having its access port shifted, rather than removed. I would wonder whether the full sized spare would slot horizontally under the rear...
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    Full size spare wheel - underbody mount?

    Hi Folks Just signed up - I'm from Adelaide, South Australia and hope to be putting my deposit down as soon as concrete plans are announced to make the R1T in RHD. I'm wondering if anyone else has thought that the full size spare would be better served as hanging underneath the body, rather...