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    Lack of Communication??

    I don't want any communications until I there is firm pricing and delivery dates
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    Rivian plans own charging network called Rivian Adventure Network!

    In Washington State I hope that they could bracket North Cascades NP Marblemount/Mazama and possibly Sunrise and Paradise @ Mt Rainier . Mazama in particular because you access Pasayten wilderness from there
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    Revealing job postings - Rivian Insurance Agency and Global Collision Repair Program

    I am a very safe driver . Only one accident not my fault in 750,000 miles but I do drive fast. So no black box for me ever.
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    R1S vs R1T Decision: Help...and Let's Play

    My daily skis are DPS Wailer 112s 188cm and they have wide rocketed tips so there would have to quite a bit clearance beyond the corner to corner measurements.
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    R1S vs R1T Decision: Help...and Let's Play

    Please let us know if you get a tape measure for diagonal in the tunnel and the bed. I called but they left a message saying to look on the website and its hard to tell .
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    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    April 2020 R1s. I wanted to see the Tesla truck before I put a deposit down. Late next year is fine and frankly I don't mind not being in the first batch from a brand new company. I wonder how many cancellations will come when the repercussions of Covid effect on the economy hit in the next...
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    R1S vs R1T Decision: Help...and Let's Play

    For me I am going with the R1s over the pickup for these reasons. Gear tunnel is too short to put my skis in it and the bed is too short to put the skis in the bed. If it was a little bigger in width and bed length I would have hands down chosen the pickup for practical reasons. I also have a...
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    Economic Reasons to Buy an EV instead of a gas powered car

    The time saved with an EV will be offset quite a bit if you take a lot of road trips. I go to San Diego from Seattle for a few months each winter and always push straight through 1200 miles in one day in my Range Rover. With vary careful planning it is 2 days minimum in a Rivian with the 180kw...
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    Ford cancels Lincoln electric vehicle program with Rivian

    With that said Rivian has never run an assembly line and Tesla had huge problems and delays that I was hoping Rivian would avoid with a helping hand. So long as the build quality is good ( fingers crossed ) I am all in still.
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    Rivian customers share thoughts about preordering a vehicle

    Just did this week. I wanted to see what the Cybertruck was like before I put a deposit down. Going with the R1S. If the R1t had a bigger bed or a long enough tunnel for my skis I would have gone with that one. I ok with waiting till middle of next year more time to save money for it.