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  1. bac4uw

    Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    Holy crap -- awesome! GVWR = 8,532 pounds!! Curb weight is missing though...
  2. bac4uw

    Rivian R1T first crash 😱

    That looks like some seriously bad driving... but it looks like it fared well, at least better than the Ford did.
  3. bac4uw

    Official: RIVIAN MEMBERSHIP Announced [1 year free trial beginning at day of delivery]

    I was excited for the update yesterday, but the price will be a serious consideration for me as to whether I continue to use the membership after a year. I like the unlimited charging aspect, but 95%+ of the time I will do that at home. Pretty sure I will never/rarely need the 4G connectivity...
  4. bac4uw

    Qmerit - Rivian Home Charger Installation Experience

    Thanks -- I'll be sure to get more specific with them as I get closer to install. Having recently purchased another car from a dealer where they overcharged on the licensing fee to cover the 'potential' fee, I wondered if this might be the same sort of scenario... where they cite one charge, but...
  5. bac4uw

    Did You Change Your Wheel Size After the Range Estimates Were Revealed?

    Sticking with the 20s... optimism on the miles/kwh. I've had good success beating the EPA rating with other EVs thus far. That said, it took me all of Labor Day weekend to come to that final resolution.
  6. bac4uw

    Qmerit - Rivian Home Charger Installation Experience

    From the Guides... I am going to move forward and see how the back and forth between Qmerit and Rivian goes. We do not have any updates related to the wall chargers shipping. Those chargers will need to be hardwired into the home. The Qmerit crew can begin the process, but will not be able to...
  7. bac4uw

    Qmerit - Rivian Home Charger Installation Experience

    Seriously! When I look at my panel and all of the loads on it, I might think twice before simultaneously running both the washer and dryer, cooking dinner in the oven, while sitting in the hot tub and charging the Rivian. Joking aside, I don't physically have any more space in my panel. The...
  8. bac4uw

    Qmerit - Rivian Home Charger Installation Experience

    Update... Within a day of paying the $149 deposit, I was contacted by a local company that looked at the photos I took and updated the quote... including a $250 permit cost (ouch... but not their fault). We'll see, but it looks like this company has good reviews... In parallel, inquiring with...
  9. bac4uw

    Qmerit - Rivian Home Charger Installation Experience

    It probably depends a bit on your county, but in my county the answer is 'yes'. I had a contractor install electric floor heating in a bathroom a couple of years ago and we pulled a permit. I could be wrong, but I don't think the person doing the work needs to be a certified electrician though...
  10. bac4uw

    Qmerit - Rivian Home Charger Installation Experience

    You're totally right -- I even entertained doing it myself, but my wife put the kabosh on that. I otherwise don't know any certified electricians, but it might be good to get another quote. My hunch is that this bid is competitive in the Seattle market.
  11. bac4uw

    Qmerit - Rivian Home Charger Installation Experience

    Mid to late November was the last I heard, which was pushed back from October.
  12. bac4uw

    Qmerit - Rivian Home Charger Installation Experience

    I received an email from Rivian today with a link to get a quote from Qmerit for installation of the Rivian home charging station. The link took me through a multi-step survey and had me upload photos of my electrical panel, proposed charging station location, and other aspects about electrical...
  13. bac4uw

    🔋 Official EPA Range and MPGe Numbers for R1T & R1S

    Sorry for the long post, but I gave this a lot of thought over the weekend! I am going to stick with the 20s. I knew full well that there would be some mileage penalty, but it was a little disappointing to finally put a number on it. That said, I can deal with the reduction in range. The two...
  14. bac4uw

    Roll Call for the App - Android versus iOS

    I use Amazon Music on iOS and have been happy with that combo. We have Alexa dots in the house, but I am not sure about having Alexa riding with me in the Rivian.
  15. bac4uw

    Invited to Lunch w/ Sr. Director of Customer Engagement Center. Have Questions?

    I checked in with my guide on Monday this week regarding updates on timing estimates that were given to me prior to RJ's announcement of a delay. Here is what he said about the Seattle test drive event that was originally scheduled for August: "Our Demo Drive Tour has been moved to September. We...
  16. bac4uw

    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    I did select the off road package - he stated that the earliest deliveries would be vehicles that had the offroad package. I poked and prodded him with 'let me know if I can select or unselect anything to move higher up the production line'... but I only took away the two points that vehicles...
  17. bac4uw

    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    Me neither -- no change to the portal. It sounded to me like he was 'submitting my info', but could have been just for show. hamberderz --> what Guide did you talk to? I can imagine that there is some room for minor variation in response between Guides, but for the sake of optics - I agree...
  18. bac4uw

    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    I had my guide conversation with Martin this afternoon. He's based out of Normal and is one of the Guides for the Western States region. (nice dude!) He's been with Rivian since October 2020. He stated that his office is colocated near the production line and that production is currently moving...
  19. bac4uw

    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    Same here, Launch Green, Mountain Black, 12/7/2018... yeehaw! Chatting this afternoon with Martin.
  20. bac4uw

    Configurations Contacted by Rivian Guide [Compilation List] - Submit Yours

    Same here... got my email today 6/21 and scheduled to talk at 4pm PST: Date Contacted: June 21st, 2021 Location: Kenmore, WA Preorder Date / Number: December 7th, 2018 / #3440 Vehicle Type: R1T Launch Edition Color: Launch Green Interior: Black Mountain Wheels: 20" All Terrain Other...