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  1. Frightening EV Credits

    i dunno what you all are thinking, but I don't buy an EV because I get a 7500 discount, in fact, I've never gotten the discount. GM was too far along, and I only got 5K off my lease, and tesla was way to far along in 2019 and i got a whole 1850. Our Fiat 500E was used, so no discount at all...
  2. R1T Reviews Master List: JRE, Rivian Stories, Jalopnik, Inside EVs, KBB, Roadshow, ETC

    longer Transport Evolved one, they did one short and one more detailed.
  3. Are we happy now?

    towing + max pack details are the only thing I'd love to see, but nothing's stopping me from ordering one, as towing is a 'nice to have' vs 'must have'. Still will be gripey about no carplay until they OTA it in.
  4. Have You Gone Fully Electric??

    I have been fully electric with a family of six since Oct 2019. I started with my daily driver as a chevy bolt ev (2017), then we got the kids a used 2014 Fiat 500E for them to learn to drive in, and then I replaced the gas chugging Expedition EL with a Tesla Model X in 2019. I replaced my...
  5. RJ: Some Early Rivian Deliveries Go To Earliest Company Employees!

    Great way to reward the early believer employees and to test all the bugs in the purchase system.
  6. Driver+ Limitations

    adaptive cruise and lane centering is good enough for me, that's all i get with Autopilot in our X. I don't want full self driving, but on the 12 hour drive to get to somewhere fun to drive, I'd like to not be exhausted from constantly having to readjust everything because people can't seem to...
  7. Information or reasoned speculation on range with AT 20's and 'Conserve' mode - please avoid drift

    If conserve mode is anything like range mode in our Model X it'll limit the heating/cooling of the cabin to about the middle of the speed and it'll slow down your 0-60 punch it time as well. And not change the range much at all.
  8. Latest Time Estimate for Launch Edition - via chat with Rivian 9/21/21

    the neat thing about supply chain and deliveries - There are companies that this is their sole job. There are big consulting firms that help you design things from the ground up. You don't have to stand there, guess, and hope you hired the right person. You could contract a supply logistics...
  9. TFL snubbed by Rivian: video

    random Emails from a recruiter is not the same as a PR department not responding to media requests. if they were dumb enough to be emailing random people that work there then sure your bad analogy would apply but if you have a publicity department with contact info telling people to reach...
  10. TFL snubbed by Rivian: video

    Yeah, and it sucks shouldn't be looked at as professional.
  11. TFL snubbed by Rivian: video

    i posted a tweet on social media at rivian and RJ suggesting this was a dumb idea and they should resolve it, if more people do that maybe they'll fix it. The fact that professionals ghost people is just not professional. I mean fine, if you think a channel with 350K subscribers is 'too...
  12. Cameras App Features & Functions - clues from the Motortrend feature

    My understanding gear guard was those cables that stretched across the bed to lock things down with. That's great if it's more than that.
  13. Rivian charger vs. other charging devices

    Yeah i've already sent them an email to make sure I understood the option correctly and they responded that I did. My town (who provides my service) told me the line to my home is 400A rated so just need to work with an electrician to see what it'd take to put 100A subpanel in the garge (if...
  14. Motortrend Videos are gone…did anyone download them?

    Leg 2 of the trail has been posted to youtube.
  15. North Carolina (Raleigh) Rivian Fans

    Do we have any idea where ricin’s locations will be in the state yet?
  16. #FAIL - Could TFL be getting the Rivian tomorrow at 1PM?

    What a miss on Rivians part. If anyone could have showcased their vehicle for off-road and on it’d been TFL.
  17. Rivian charger vs. other charging devices

    yes it does.
  18. Data Logging - What kind of detail can we get out of these ?

    You do have to log in with your tesla identity or provide the API key that you can easily generate, and all traffic is TLS 1.2 encrypted between endpoints. It's not like this is out there floating for anyone to see.
  19. More adventure Vehicles coming this is the Audi concept from 2014 (I had an '01 TT Roadster, was really interested in this) and that design has been promised for a decade before with the gas engine. I'd love to see it, especially that...
  20. Shades of things to come with the F150 Lightning at Ford dealerships?? MARKUPS!

    Ford's response of 'well you can change where the car is delivered' was a little lackluster.