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  1. RJ Appears to Confirm R1X Will Be Next Product

    Lame as it may be, I’ve been hoping their next offering would be a more sedate 2-row version of the R1S to compete with the Subaru Forester, Range Rover Evoque, Volvo XC40, etc… Those are all pretty different vehicles, but I think a Rivian of that size and stature would get looks from buyers in...
  2. R1T Reviews Master List: JRE, Rivian Stories, Jalopnik, Inside EVs, KBB, Roadshow, ETC

    Something I noticed watching the JRE video: the latch release for the gear tunnel door is atop the bed rails. Is there another release mechanism elsewhere? Thinking about how a camper shell will block the release on the bed rail.
  3. Test Drive Invitations are arriving! And First Mile events tab now available

    Those fold forward seats are going to make it a pain for doing much more than sitting on the rear seats. A great thing about rear-folding second row truck seats is having a flat floor for gear or dogs. I know the frunk and tunnel take care of the gear, but the dog won’t fit there!
  4. RJ: Some Early Rivian Deliveries Go To Earliest Company Employees!

    Congrats to these folks! Starting a car company from nothing is nearly unheard of, I’d say anyone working toward that goal for 11 years is deserving of getting one of the first off the production line. That said, I’m really looking forward to a regular from this site getting their vehicle and...
  5. Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    Aside from the plug, this is the same mechanism I used to engage the child locks on my Land Rover. Open the door, turn the child lock with my key clockwise. I think my F150 was a lever that is flipped. No idea why the plug is necessary, but I’m curious. The CL engagement on the Land Rover was...
  6. TFL snubbed by Rivian: video

    Isn’t it obvious? Rivian is protecting TFL. If the TFL folks thought a Silverado version of the Raptor/TRX was “first of its kind” and “game changing,” Rivian knew TFL’s heads would explode the moment they drove an R1T. 🤯
  7. First R1T with State Plates?

    Sorry, the job will require you to start by driving north. Of course depending on how good Driver+ is out of the gate, the Portland-Seattle corridor might actually be relaxing!
  8. Now that it's out... R1T bed extender?

    My F150 came with a bed extender from the factory. The sides are curved, like the one shown above. This makes it impractical for extending the 6.5’ bed for hauling sheet goods. The extender does work well for moving furniture, plants, and anything not 4’ wide.
  9. #FAIL - Could TFL be getting the Rivian tomorrow at 1PM?

    I’d say worse than that. Chevy Silverado ZR2. It’s cool, but I don’t know how it’s a ‘game changer’ or ‘first of its kind’—it’s just the GM response to the Ford Raptor and Ram TRX. I didn’t expect the R1T. I thought maybe it would be Hummer EV in an attempt to steal some thunder away from the...
  10. Rivian's Tank Turn feature is delayed

    Gah! Yes, you are right and I’ve corrected that. I agree, it’s uncommon that peds or another vehicle approach these small residential intersections at the same time as my need to left turn. If it’s a pedestrian I wave them through (they have right of way anyway). If it’s a vehicle, you just have...
  11. Rivian's Tank Turn feature is delayed

    That’s easy. Here’s what I do in my Supercrew Long-bed F150: for right turns and straight pass through you go the normal way ( counter clockwise). For left turns, you get close to the intersection and verify no traffic and then go clockwise. I think the R1T wheel base is small enough it won’t be...
  12. First potential R1S “competitor”—MB EQG?

    One of the major benefits I see with most EVs is the lack of transmission (Taycan being the notable exception). I do the vast majority of mechanical repairs on my family’s vehicles, and a lack of differentials, transfer case, and transmission is a huge bonus for the R1S. All that benefit gets...
  13. California | Real-world experience driving in R-1/R-2 road conditions…?

    My personal rule is that once my vehicle requires chains, I’m turning around. I’ve been in the mountains on forest roads where I got stuck and chains got me out, if I’d continued on and gotten stuck again I would have been SOL. Chains are my backup/get out of jail card. On normal roads, if I...
  14. 🔋 Official EPA Range and MPGe Numbers for R1T & R1S

    I’ve only just started fiddling around with ABRP yesterday, so I could be missing something. However, since the battery pack setting is fixed, I altered the Wh/mi number to .415 (135kWh/316mi = .415). The 300mi+ option works perfect for my interstate travel needs. It’s the right size for...
  15. 🔋 Official EPA Range and MPGe Numbers for R1T & R1S

    One might infer the 180 kwh battery is then around 418mi for R1T. The 316mi range for R1S is excellent! Really, anything above 300mi is perfect for interstate travel for me. Edit: saw mileage reduction for wheel choice
  16. Doug Demuro Review (eventual placeholder) - predictions (as of 9/2/21)

    Click bait title, but the post is fun, it gets a 6 out of 10.
  17. Tire Change Mode (3 wheels max height, flat one retracted) / pneumatic jack

    I have an LR3. Will need to look into this more, it could save a step. Right now, if I need more height to work on something beyond off-road height, then I leave it at Normal height, pull fuse, and then jack.
  18. Tire Change Mode (3 wheels max height, flat one retracted) / pneumatic jack

    I’m very curious how the air suspension works. Depending on the mechanics, perhaps a wheel could be lifted after placing a stand under the appropriate jack point. The fact they’ve included a program to lockout the computer from changing suspension height when jacking is great. A nice ‘feature’...
  19. Help with Yellow

    Compass Yellow/FE R1S here. Most of the Compass Yellow/FE configs I have seen are R1T, but a very select few are R1S. I think the biggest hurdle is that it is a $4500 color combo, even more if you were upgrading from the Explore since FE is only available on the Adventure. We’ll be evaluating...
  20. Backup power - replacing a gas generator for now, V2H in future?

    In the recent Q&A video posted V2H compatibility is posed and RJ confirms current R1 design is capable of V2H and the only hardware required is a modified EVSE (external hardware) and will be available sometime after launch.