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  1. Should I drive my Dual Max R1T from IL to CA one day after picking it up in Normal?

    Is this your first EV? Do you have experience using public charging? If no on both, I'd say no. Otherwise , we might see a post about all the things that went wrong when they could've been avoided with some experience and foresight.
  2. My Rivian R1S is not charging :(

    Have you tried charging it elsewhere to see if it's the vehicle or the charger? If it does charge elsewhere, have you tried to troubleshoot the charger to see if it's the unit or the installation? This is basic step by step stuff to figure out the issue.
  3. Difficulty filing IRS $7500 tax credit

    I can't speak to IRS "shutting down" e file for 2023, but it was just a simple amended 2022 return and waiting about a month to get my $7,500. Not sure why he's suggesting including it in 2023 return. Long thread...
  4. Still no notifications on Android

    I don't think it's the car. I have a Pixel and I receive notifications.
  5. Average Rivian Insurance in California

    In Los Angeles, with State Farm, multi-vehicle/home policy. I was paying ~$950 for 12 months for a 2016 4R TRD Pro. It increased to over $2k with an R1S. Before I purchased the Rivian, I called SF and asked how much my insurance would increase if I replaced the Toyota with the R1S and they...
  6. UAW is coming after Rivian

    So much anti-union sentiment. Guess it was lost on many that as soon as UAW won significant wage increases for its members, other, non-union auto makers gave their workers a bump in pay. I guess many of you believe their largess would've occurred regardless.
  7. Charging at home using mobile charger w/ NEMA 14-50 plug?

    I've had the same Clipper Creek HCS-40P, 30A, NEMA 14-50 charger since early 2004. It's charged 5 EV's, including the Rivian. It's not the fastest and I can actually upgrade to the HCS-50P 40A with my current wiring, but it works fine. It looks as if I'm getting around 6.4 kwh. I think I'm able...
  8. Rivian R1T Leasing Now Available

    Residual value is calculated/provided upfront. Higher residual = lower payments. I think when I looked at the Polestar 2, their residual was 56%.
  9. Los Angeles Rivian Club

    For my other EV, I mailed the application in late 7/22 and received the stickers about a month later. For my R1S, I mailed the application 10/26/23 and the check hasn't been cashed yet. I called the DMV and they said right now it could take up to 90 days. Hopefully it won't take the full 3 months.
  10. Rivian R1T Leasing Now Available

    R1S is the first EV I purchased. All previous were leases. This lease isn't bad, much better than the terms Chevy offered for a Bolt EUV during Covid times (7/22), which included a $2,500 markup. For a vehicle priced about 1/3 of the Rivian, I put down $3,000 and paying around $500/month for...
  11. Does Lucid Gravity solve many of Rivian R1S issues for families?

    Based on what? My only criteria were EV SUV and off-road capable. I don't have booger eaters so my 3rd row seats were folded the minutes I got home from delivery and haven't been up once.
  12. Does Lucid Gravity solve many of Rivian R1S issues for families?

    If off-road capability isn't a criterion, R1S isn't necessary. There are/will be plenty of other 3 seat EV mall crawlers available now/in the near future.
  13. Efficiency Has TANKED

    I've had 3 EV's & 1 PHEV prior to the R1S and even in L.A., where it doesn't get too cold, I've noticed decrease in range from all 3 EV's during winter months.
  14. What's the protocol for a public "simultaneous charger?"

    Thanks for replies. As I mentioned, if it's meant to be split, can't be mad because someone wants to charge, but you never know who you'll run into these days. Hopefully everyone shares this sentiment.
  15. Rivian offering a free wall charger and $2k install credit on select R1T purchases.

    That's news to me. I'm not a Rivian fanboy/nerd who breathlessly waits for any bit of news so I can post on the forums. And I don't directly own any Rivian stocks. I bought the R1S because I was looking for an off-road capable EV and my choices were either the Hummer EV or Rivian...and the...
  16. So simple, HUGE difference. RJ take notes pls.

    Ordered as well. Thanks.
  17. What's the protocol for a public "simultaneous charger?"

    These are on the EVgo app. Looks as if they're meant to have dual charging capability, albeit at 50% of full output.
  18. What's the protocol for a public "simultaneous charger?"

    If there's an EV already utilizing the charger, do I charge on the other side, which means the other vehicle's charging output is cut by half, or do I wait so I don't cut into their charging output? I would probably be a little annoyed if I expected my EV to be charged in 30 minutes and it...