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  1. Software Update 2023.46.0 is rolling out

    Also on 42.02 and not had it released to us yet.
  2. Difficulty filing IRS $7500 tax credit

    We took delivery in May and are still waiting on our 2022 amended return to be processed. After the initial 16 week wait, they have kept telling me “30 more days”, “30 more days”…with no willingness to escalate. I finally called the tax advocacy center (also work for the government) and they...
  3. Cmon Rivian uncork the Quad Motor!

    Oh Texas is special, but maybe not in any good ways… 😂
  4. Cmon Rivian uncork the Quad Motor!

    FIFY 🤓
  5. Tire rotation - Discount Tire

    Just thought everyone in this thread would find it interesting to compare DT to rivian mobile service. Rivian is for sure losing money on mobile rotations. Balancing the car on opposite corners… 🫠
  6. Cmon Rivian uncork the Quad Motor!

    Everyone who thinks “EV” means “race car”. 👨‍🚒 I’ve had my flame suit on this morning already. ETA: also includes most manufacturers who seem to only want to measure with 0-60.
  7. Cmon Rivian uncork the Quad Motor!

    There’s nothing wrong with our tires. I guess my frame of reference is different with comparisons to other cars. Even taking the safety aspect out of it, at higher speeds this thing just feels like pushing a brick through the wind. 😂 I realize my post sounded like me saying it’s not good at...
  8. Cmon Rivian uncork the Quad Motor!

    We have had our R1S since May. Are you on 22s? Maybe that’s enough of a difference to make it feel a little more planted.
  9. Cmon Rivian uncork the Quad Motor!

    You’re joking on the speed restriction right? I’m in TX where we have one of the, if not the, highest highway speed limit of 85mph. This car doesn’t inspire confidence at that speed. If you want a race car, buy a race car, not a 7000lb+ SUV.
  10. Bluetooth Causes Maxed Volume After Exit

    Both my wife and I have noticed that after we exit the vehicle with one of our phones having been connected via Bluetooth, our ringer volume is maxed out. Happens every time without fail. I’ve had this happen in previous vehicles but it’s been a long time. Has anyone else noticed this...
  11. Taycan 4 Cross Turismo + Rivian R1S

    OP, make sure you trade those amber side markers for clear. Easiest upgrade you’ll do. 🤠
  12. Taycan 4 Cross Turismo + Rivian R1S

    No disagreement on a true fun car being manual. But if the Taycan is doing it all, I appreciate their choice. As I said though, the best scenario would be the ability to choose based on situation.
  13. Taycan 4 Cross Turismo + Rivian R1S

    They’ve probably only ever driven a Prius or Tesla in the last 10 years. Their opinion doesn’t matter to me. I maintain the Taycan is a Porsche that just happens to be electric. Ok truth be told, the perfect scenario is that we have all the options available. Coasting when I want to drive on...
  14. Taycan 4 Cross Turismo + Rivian R1S

    Porsche has said they designed their regen to be akin to winding out a 911 on the back roads. I prefer this having driven sports cars all my life. But it’s also a blended braking system, so it hits Regen first unless you’re slamming on them for an emergency stop.
  15. Taycan 4 Cross Turismo + Rivian R1S

    Congrats and welcome to the club. I have a Taycan 4S CT to complement the R1S. My opinion of build differs, though. I feel the Porsche is built like a tank, while I feel like I need to be careful with the Rivian lest something get wiggled loose or a suspension component fall out based on the...
  16. Clunking at low speed acceleration and deceleration

    I have had a clunk since delivery. Happens primarily on acceleration, and is a very noticeable thump (versus what other people experience with constant clicking on the half shafts).
  17. Software Update 2023.42.0 is out (⚠️ UPDATE: OTA fix rolling out today 11/15/23)

    On a positive note, after applying the update and getting our car working again, my phone connected via Bluetooth to the car super quickly, noticeably faster than previously.
  18. Software Update 2023.42.0 is out (⚠️ UPDATE: OTA fix rolling out today 11/15/23)

    FWIW, a trusted source says as of this morning based on internal updates, they’re still targeting an OTA fix. Either by patch or full reinstall (paraphrasing).
  19. Software Update 2023.42.0 is out (⚠️ UPDATE: OTA fix rolling out today 11/15/23)

    Yep. My policy is prod issue updates to internal leadership / stakeholders every 1 hour or sooner, depending on severity. I would rightfully be chastised for taking 18 hours to provide an update about a major production issue. So assuming leadership has info, they should be sharing it more...