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  1. endress14

    Who's got the highest elevation delta?

    Who’s got the highest range in elevation? I’m a shade over 6k, but haven’t been very low since update.
  2. endress14

    New goodies in Rivian gear shop

    maybe this is old news, but looks to be some new things compared to last time i looked TPMS sensors, lug nuts, cabin air filter, net, gear tunnel mat, etc.
  3. endress14

    MAX PACK Dual Motor Performance is delivering!

    Some dude on social media said his max pack is available for pickup next week. Pretty exciting stuff! It was Feb. 2019 I asked him. He has a Oct/Nov window. He lives in Wisconsin so that could have an impact.
  4. endress14

    Gear Tunnel Shuttle and Camp Kitchen disappear from Gear Shop

    Looks like these are completely off the website now...no longer "coming soon". wonder if this is good news and updated versions are on the way, or if that means they are scrapped altogether.
  5. endress14

    R1T rear camera spray

    This person nailed it! Waiting for the details on process. Anyone know how this would be done?
  6. endress14

    Both my R1T and R1S went down today

    The joys of being an early adopter I suppose. My R1T had the power steering go out on my way to work this morning, then the R1S had a brake failure (and subsequent tow) this evening. Lovely! I’m sure it will be solved quickly as my local service center is awesome, but still stinks nonetheless.
  7. endress14

    Maps to vehicle with multiple R1

    Good news, if you have more than 1 Rivian in your app it has a nice interface to let you choose which vehicle when sending a destination. Not sure why the R1S doesn’t have a photo
  8. endress14

    Lane Change Assist is "all features standard" ?

    Did I miss something? The Rivian website has lane change assist under the "all features standard" portion of the Driver+ information tab. I hadn't seen that before on the website and my truck certainly doesn't have that option. Is that an upcoming software update feature that just isn't...
  9. endress14

    Ski day trip in R1T - efficiency data

    Just posting here for more data on efficiency. Left my house in observatory park (Denver) at 85%. Regular driving in AP with auto suspension, 65-75 on the highway. Had a quick stop at Home Depot for a toilet fill valve (different story) on the way there but it’s right off the highway. Drove to...
  10. endress14

    Video: Rivian R1T Aerodynamics - Is the claimed drag coefficient of 0.30 correct?

    cool video. pretty informative. I wish they would have done a version with the bed cover open to see the difference.
  11. endress14

    R1T off-road in CO

    Ran up Rollins pass from the east side and did the technical trail portion of Jenny Creek. The R1T handled it like a beast. The trail (although it doesn't appear so on video) had some pretty technical spots that required what I would consider mild to moderate actual rock crawling. Honestly...
  12. endress14

    Gear Guard catches hit and run

    Eating dinner and this happened 2 hours before I came out of the restaurant. Filed police report. Lady denied being there of course, but gear guard saves the day. Thankfully the damage was minor and the PPF did a better job of protecting the paint than I would have imagined.
  13. endress14

    Camp speaker in-use pics. Let's see 'em

    I think it will be fun to see a thread of the camp speaker in action. Mine isn’t really camping at all, but the speaker is a hit!
  14. endress14

    What did you do WITH your Rivian today? 🏔🏝☀️❄️🕶

    For those that have trucks, it would be nice just to hear so I can live vicariously through you! Sadly, in my JGC today I dropped my kid off at school and didn't get a second look :CWL:
  15. endress14

    Delay customer delivery for accessories?

    A FB employee post from yesterday when asked about impressions said "what can I say? It’s a launch edition with the 135kwh pack. Camp kitchen and tent to come soon." It appears that at least those 2 accessories were not available for his truck. It's one thing to deliver an incomplete order to...