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  1. endress14

    Software Update 2023.46.0 is rolling out

    I’m 42.01 and don’t have it either, but was offered 42.0 so maybe that’s all it took?
  2. endress14

    Afraid To Use Driver+

    Not sure if there was any re-routing involved, but they likely haven't updated the mapping yet.
  3. endress14

    Super Heavy Duty Hitch Step / Bumper Protector with Photos

    color me confused. i thought the step just slid into the existing rivian hitch.
  4. endress14

    Super Heavy Duty Hitch Step / Bumper Protector with Photos

    Educate me on why a step is 10,000lb tow rated? Do you hook a trailer to the step? Serious question, i don't follow.
  5. endress14

    Multiple Errors // Update Version 2023.42.1

    i just realized last night that my gear guard and drive cam are no longer working. i've tried all the usual things with the USB and did a soft reset, which made the drive cam symbol reappear, but it still won't record. afraid to to a hard reset, so will probably just wait until the next update...
  6. endress14

    Who's got the highest elevation delta?

    Who’s got the highest range in elevation? I’m a shade over 6k, but haven’t been very low since update.
  7. endress14

    New goodies in Rivian gear shop

    I have a size L trek, different model but similar size that fits just fine over a tailgate pad with room to spare.
  8. endress14

    Proximity unlock is flawless now

    i'm glad for the improvement compared to recent updates, but it still isn't anywhere near as good as it was early on. i thinks its a good happy medium
  9. endress14

    New goodies in Rivian gear shop

    maybe this is old news, but looks to be some new things compared to last time i looked TPMS sensors, lug nuts, cabin air filter, net, gear tunnel mat, etc.
  10. endress14

    Off-roading 101 class in our R1S

    Looks great! Did you use the cameras at all for wheel placement/guidance? You had mentioned being blind about sliding into a rut, so curious if the cameras were not helpful or if you weren't using them. It's great to have a knowledgeable spotter, but I would for sure be cross referencing...
  11. endress14

    Frequent urination incidents - how normal?

    i've had 2 recordings pop up at trailheads of people whizzing. thankfully not on my truck
  12. endress14

    PSA: Rivian Tailgate Pad is back in stock

    dont put the free end of the driver side strap in the velcro, only the bottom one. that works better for mine anyway.
  13. endress14

    Heated steering wheel update needed

    I think there is a ton of variability in seats and butts. Agree on the weak steering wheel, but i can't even leave my heated seats on low for more than 5 min in low or my backside is way too hot.
  14. endress14

    PSA: Rivian Tailgate Pad is back in stock

    fwiw i've been using for a few months as well and haven't had any loosening issues. i do the procedure of velcro-ing the strap as instructed, but I don't pull "up" on the free ends to tighten, i pull more down and to the side along the top of the tailgate. not sure if this makes a difference...
  15. endress14

    Is your experience with the Rivian GPS Nav as Bad as Mine has been?

    i look up the destination on my phone and send to the rivian. i then hit the "get directions" on the phone to see how it compares. 9/10 times its the same so i use the rivian, even taking into account traffic data. ymmv, but for denver area it seems to be pretty accurate.
  16. endress14

    Powered tonneau fix = new dual motors setup

    was your first ticket for the tonneau 3 weeks ago? mine broke over a year ago, ticket placed, cover removed at denver SC. email came out last week, my truck was at the SC that day for another reason and i asked about getting an appointment for the PTC and they said to do it through the app and...
  17. endress14

    Quad vs Dual - snow performance?

    Fair enough! I also wasn't trying to imply the quad was in any way superior for normal situations either. For the way i drive, i probably couldn't tell any difference. Not a decision I had to make because DM wasn't available when my order was up!