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  1. 10% OFF RIVIAN ACCESSORIES from DCE / Weistec!

    Discount the rocksliders pretty please!
  2. Compact spare tire; still fall 2023

    Funny I just looked and it showed available soon and went back to see call to order after seeing your post. I have one ordered and a mobile tech appointment for December 5th.
  3. Rivian KUAT Piston SR Bike Rack Guide

    FYI Kuat also have a hitch adapter for the SR so it gives the flexibility to mount in either location.
  4. Why is my R1T beeping all the darn time!!!

    I have the same thing and have been wondering what it was.
  5. 20" Pirelli Scorpion reviewed in winter/snow tire test comparison

    What I took from this video is that the 19 meter difference in stopping between a dedicated snow tire and the stock tire could be life or death driving in the mountains (or really anywhere with higher speed or exposure) which reinforced my decision to purchase a dedicated snow tire. However...
  6. Upgraded the sub in R1S with aftermarket Alpine SWR-T10 Subwoofer

    Not sure but I thought people in this thread my be interested in this FB post that I cam across. He installed the following in the standard sub location with sound deadening. JL Audio 10W3 JL Audio MX500/1 JL Audio XDACS60 (Wiring Kit) JL Audio RBC-1 (Bass Knob) Audiocontrol LC2i (Integration)
  7. Question - are you using Alexa?

    Calling up NPR news and I have an automation to turn on the cameras using GPS near my house.
  8. R1S Christmas tree transport

    I usually used a moving blanket and tie downs. The thing that would give me pause it that many people have had the roof crack or shatter with apparently low or no pressure applied. Furthermore the damage has not been considered warranty. I think the safest would be if you had crossbars with a...
  9. Matte wrap gang! Let's see photos of your matte Rivian R1T & R1S

    Satin black emblems from Abstract Ocean. https://abstractocean.com/products/satin-black-emblems-for-rivian-r1t
  10. Matte wrap gang! Let's see photos of your matte Rivian R1T & R1S

    Thanks! I felt that the satin with black satin emblems on white was subtle.
  11. Off-Road Tire Pressure?

    Reviews suggest it is significantly faster to air down and up.
  12. Off-Road Tire Pressure?

    Why not go with one of the 4 tire inflator/deflator kits? This seems way more convenient to both air down and air up. https://thorslightningairsystems.com/products/thors-lightning-rapid-4-tire-air-system
  13. Ok Denver/Utah-- who made it through last winter with the 21" All Season's? How did they do in the snow?

    Not really an answer based upon experience driving my R1S as I just got it but I am getting snow tires for sure. I have the 20 inch wheels and will likely get the Winterforce. If I had the 21's I would get a set of 20 inch winter wheels with tires.
  14. Not liking one pedal driving

    Respectfully disagree it is way more forceful than engine braking unless you were to do something very aggressive like drop it from 6th gear to second in a manual.
  15. Not liking one pedal driving

    I have only driven my vehicle for approximately 800 miles so take my opinion with that grain of salt. I feel that the one foot driving in the vehicle is more difficult than my wife's Tesla. You have to really feather the pedal gently otherwise the transitions from acceleration to braking feels...
  16. R1S Dog Ramps?

    This one has good reviews. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0016HPTFW?tag=rovetrx820-20&th=1
  17. Best in cabin trash cans?

    I was looking at this one. Radius Outfitters