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  1. Andystroh

    Colorado 5280 RIVIAN owners and wannabes

    It doesn’t work in tunnels, if that’s where you experienced it. Also sometimes recent construction/active construction zones are a problem, so if there’s an area they just finished it may not work.
  2. Andystroh

    Rivian R1S outsold the Model 3 in Colorado (behind only Model Y)!

    The R1S has absolutely flooded Colorado. I see more than R1Ts and they’ve been delivering for so much less time. Pretty impressive if it’s true considering how many model 3s are also sold
  3. Andystroh

    Rivian tonneau fix appointments

    I got the call! one year 3 months and 17 days it will have been broken. Scheduled dec 19th in Denver. 4 hour estimate.
  4. Andystroh

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    We lost 10% with GG on at airport over 8 days during thanksgiving. Left in Colorado, so not too warm, not super cold. Just posting to highlight the discrepancy… 3% is a lot more than ~1%. Something is causing a lot of variability in vampire drain.
  5. Andystroh

    Has anyone's powered Tonneau been fixed yet?

    !! are you scheduled? Or how did you learn? not that I don’t believe you but the number of times I’ve gotten my hopes up for tonneau repairs only to be let down… I can’t believe anything anymore
  6. Andystroh

    Brennan's Tune Outdoor M1 Build

    we used the space heater for winter camping in our RTT last winter and it worked really well. A few times in an RV park it was great with unlimited power, but you’re right about leaving the outlets on; it seems like phantom drain has been reduced since then, but about an hour of heat in the...
  7. Andystroh

    Rivian KUAT Piston SR Bike Rack Guide

    Makes sense for them to move towards a bike rack with more flexibility like this. We looked at those and they seemed nice.
  8. Andystroh

    Rivian Vehicle Ramp Up is Evident // Denver RSC

    Dude. I know this is off topic but they got my hopes so high with that email, now January!?
  9. Andystroh

    Frequent urination incidents - how normal?

    I don’t keep up with the videos to verify urination frequency… but in the first month or two I did have one incident at a hiking trailhead.
  10. Andystroh

    Rivian tonneau fix appointments

    I heard recently from Rivian staff similar to what AO_pete described above, stocking materials and calling soon for appointments. Mines been broken since last September
  11. Andystroh

    Another White Rim trail trip report

    Our direction was dictated by the order of our camping reservations. I don’t remember a descent that felt especially steep, and the inclines we did go up the tires didn’t even slip. The Tacoma we were with had to work a lot harder. I wouldn’t hesitate to go either direction on the trail. So I...
  12. Andystroh

    How in the world can a LUXURY vehicle not have...

    Agreed. I think it’s tough to make valid comparisons given the small number of options in the US EV market. If you want a 7 seat SUV, and you’re coming from a BMW i7 or Kia telluride, or model X, these are different kinds of vehicles, that get compared to the rivian just because of the number of...
  13. Andystroh

    Another White Rim trail trip report

    unfortunately we completed the trip a couple days before that update was released. We were hoping to see those details as well. Hey awesome nice to meet you. People were definitely excited to see multiple rivians on the trail! Nice, they are definitely not easy to get. We were specifically...
  14. Andystroh

    Another White Rim trail trip report

    Hi folks, figured I would share some more details about driving the white rim road. There are a few posts out there that have shared their experience, so TL;DR: Mine is roughly in line with theirs. Photos at the bottom. Configuration: Quad motor R1T, 26k miles. Rooftop tent installed above bed...
  15. Andystroh

    Advice for winter tires?

    agreed with this on the performance of the R1T on blizzaks. They wear well, affordable and excellent snow performance.
  16. Andystroh

    Regenerative braking - revisited

    Honestly I agree. I’m used to it, of course, but the ID.4 gives you the option to easily switch between how the rivian (1 pedal) drives, or how you described above with the Porsche (2 pedal). When I owned it I would use 1 pedal in cities and two pedal on the highway. I think coasting on the...
  17. Andystroh

    Just got the "Powered Tonneau Fix is Ready" email! Replacement installation appointments start next month (Nov)!

    If you don’t, make sure you have an active ticket open for it. Mine was closed after they couldn’t repair it any more, I opened a new one earlier this year and when they called about it I asked they just leave it open so it’s clear it’s outstanding. I got the email Saturday for what it’s worth...
  18. Andystroh

    How do I find operable magic dock tesla chargers?

    Install the Tesla app and without a Tesla vehicle it will show you the compatible chargers.