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    Clearing service backlog and other SC visit notes

    Trucks going in next week in SoCal, hope its a similar story with fixes and efficiency.. I also have the hood flutter among other things to fix a bit higher VIN than you.
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    Front turn signals switched from prototype, anyone know why?

    I like the stadium light lighting up as the turn signal. Glad they made the change
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    Average Rivian Insurance in California

    Clean record, no tickets, no accidents. $3100 a year in SoCal with Rivian insurance. Our tesla with tesla insurance is a little cheaper.
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    Virginia 2023 Launch edition for sale

    Wait you ordered 3 weeks ago and delivery is in January? Are they all the way through the backlog of pre orders from pre March pricing for R1S?
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    Rivian Quality - Follow up to Two Genuine Questions

    Had a similar impression to the iX. The UI was just awful. Super cluttered and confusing. Amazing they’ve been doing this stuff for so long and get it so wrong. Rivians UI is light years ahead. I personally thought I would like the iX a lot more, but other than the drive and on road interior...
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    Tonneau Cover Shipments Resume - Official Email and Delivery Window

    I did finally receive mine after multiple delays. Happy to have it. Surprisingly it’s resolved an incessant whistling issue I’ve had since getting the vehicle that was driving me crazy (I thought it was the door or window). Also just overall turbulent airflow in the bed maybe? The cabin seems...
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    Rivian R1T Leasing Now Available

    This is not bad at all! My mom just leased a 2024 GLC 350 loaded up but much cheaper MSRP for $860 a month. A $100k truck for $100 more? Wow
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    Buy a used quad or wait for dual reservation

    I saw the out of spec review where he rode in the dual and quad R1T back to back. Stated the dual was noticeably quieter. I have no personal experience with it. I think motors, insulation, and of course number will impact sound.
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    Buy a used quad or wait for dual reservation

    Id disagree we have a model Y performance and the drivetrain is quite a bit quieter than the quad motor R1T. There’s a number of auto reviews discussing the sound of the motors, I don’t find it intrusive but it’s definitely among the louder electric vehicles.
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    Saw CT in UTC Tesla Store

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    Burning smell from AC

    I have about 5k miles and am noticing the burning smell more and more. My sister popped in my car and asked if I was smoking cigarettes! Never had this issue before on a vehicle. Did you find a fix? Once car is running for a while smell goes away. It’s worse when sitting for a day or two.
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    Saw CT in UTC Tesla Store

    Just plastic covers. They’re removable.
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    Introducing RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

    Curious, will Rivian SC do the tire rotations or service for that matter with the sliders on? I’d be more worried about that. For some reason I thought I read that the original jacking points were exposed to use.
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    Anyone else have a disappointing delivery experience?

    I'd say from reading many posts on deliveries and of course having my own in March, the delivery experience has not been great for many if looking at it in terms of finding QC issues. The experience was great if you look at it by not having to go to a dealership, being greeted by polite service...
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    My manual tonneau is being shipped

    Hey but at least you have that handy dandy camp speaker 🤣
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    R1T Leasing Coming Later This Year

    Leasing will allow future owners to make use of the tax credit regardless of income eligibility or price of the vehicle. Lease loophole allows for direct reduction in msrp of vehicle and after that if desired you can choose to buy out the lease and make use of the federal deduction.
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    Lucid Gravity Reveal

    I've driven the Lucid Air a few times. The software is a bit clunky, the interior was very nice, there was some creaking and rattling which would have bothered me if I was the owner. Acceleration and overall road feel was luxury car level. It's clear they have not invested as heavily in the...
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    New Rivian tonneau cover delivery packaging has been upgraded (photo)

    Ditto. Asked CS they said they have no pending tracking or shipments for my account.. Update quote from Rivian service today: “Yes we are working to ship out the manual tonneau covers and we did provide delivery timings for some of our shipments. Due to unforeseen circumstances we've had...
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    Yellow Performance Dual Max Pack R1T: factory pickup

    I didn’t know they ever shipped the vinyl dash? Didn’t they discontinue this option? Super unicorn truck!
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    Service center cannot correct wind noise. How to proceed?

    Have the same issue. Haven’t been able to remedy myself with painters tape (mine has nothing to do with ac / air circulation being on or off). I have no idea where the whistling is coming from and it’s really annoying at speeds over 50 and just gets louder. It’s on my next service ticket. Also...