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  1. Foobar

    Frunk hood higher on one side - how to adjust?

    Hey all, I noticed that my passenger front hood cover closes with a larger gap than the driver side corner. Driver side is at the right level flush with the side panel while passenger side rests above the side panel line. In previous vehicles I was able to adjust a corner stopper by turning it...
  2. Foobar

    Anyone trying the EVBASE Running Boards?

    Doesn't look to be as high quality as some of the other product offerings out there, but for someone that just needs a step more than protection, these seem to be OK? What do you guys think? Anyone got these on order willing to guinea pig for us? Comes down to around $560 after coupon.
  3. Foobar

    Locked out - Truck won't respond

    Have an issue today which started out similar to the 12V Battery issue where I wasn't able to unlock my truck with my phone or keycards. Handles don't present themselves, mirrors stay folded, lights don't come on, displays are off. I contacted Rivian Roadside Assistance and they confirmed that...
  4. Foobar

    TWRAPS Gunmetal Spoke Wrap on 20" AT Wheels -- installed photos & review

    I had originally configured for the Black AT's but when my exact config came up on the shop with the regular 20" AT's, I jumped on it figuring that I could always powdercoat them all one color later as I really didn't like the silver "staple" design element. I ended up going with the @twraps'...