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  1. R1S compact spare now available for order.

    You need to call 855-RIVIAN5 to order. The list price is $778 but they will price match to $450 for pre-March 1st preorders. I had switched my pre-order from an R1T to an R1S but that was not flagged in their system. It's only available with mobile service installation with a variable fee. My...
  2. Took Delivery of our R1S Performance Dual Motor Max Pack!

    We ordered it from the shop Wednesday 10/18 evening and we picked it up from the Franklin, TN, service center on Wednesday 10/25 afternoon. It replaces a Ford F150 Lightning Extended Range. We loved the truck, but needed something with more range that was smaller than a full-size truck and...
  3. Max Pack Battery is now a filter criterion in R1 Shop

    I'm not sure if everyone is seeing this in their shop. I have an R1T Max Pack preorder.
  4. Truck Stops Upgrade to Recharge Electric Vehicles (and Their Drivers)

    https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/26/business/truck-stops-electric-vehicles.html My ideal road trip charging location is a truck stop with 24/7 amenities and easy navigation with a trailer. I'm glad that truck stop operators are seeing the advantage of a captive audience of EV drivers.
  5. Multiple Dual Motor R1Ts available in the R1 Shop! (Delivery in 3-6 weeks)

    Edit: There's over 100 DM R1T's in my shop, starting at $70,000. I'm located near the Franklin TN service center and have pre-3/1 pricing.