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  1. SSteveEV

    Range Math- Cybertruck sub 300miles?

    Can anyone point me towards the 320/340 mile range other than the initial spec on the website? Everything I'm seeing with any backup is sub 300. Per configurator, 2.33mi/kWh (in fine print) * 123kWh pack = 286.7 total range. vs quoted 340est for the AWD MKBHD video showed him clicking on the...
  2. SSteveEV

    Cybertruck frunk hood height

    I know perspective is tricky, but does the cyber truck hood look challenging to stand under to anyone else? Article below compares all the frunks but doesn't mention that skull cracking corner on the hood. I looked back at other photos trying to find one with it open and it looks like this is...
  3. SSteveEV

    Motion Cam- Politely Waiting to Charge

    I am getting ahead of myself but, I'm already looking forward to whichever update lets us live view Motion Cam. Here's why: When I know I am parking for a long time at a shared charger and someone is already in one space I will plug in and disable the charge to let them finish quickly. But then...
  4. SSteveEV

    App Service Keyboard w/o spell check- Android issue only?

    I've put in a few service requests and bug reports now and have a low level but annoying question: Does the keyboard input work fully for everyone in the service part of the app? I have a stripped down input that is different from my default app. No spell check, auto capitalization, or any of...
  5. SSteveEV

    Camp Speaker Drains Phone Battery

    Anyone else have this issue? Tested with two Pixel (7 & 4a) phones and when plugged in instead of charging the phone the camp Speaker starts charging itself the phone battery. Both phones say "couldn't switch" when I go to USB settings to switch to phone control instead of connected device...
  6. SSteveEV

    Tow Eye Threads- Anyone know the size?

    Does anyone know the size of the tow eye threads? Talking about the mostly useless one hidden behind the passenger tow hook rubber flaps. Investigating using it for a tie in point for an ORV flag. Looks like it is a Left Hand thread but I don't have a set of thread gauges to figure out the rest...