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  1. ohseedee

    After a 1200 mile R1T trip, canceling my R1S, just ordered a Model Y

    Dont shoot me, this is a pro-Rivian R1T post… I’ve had an R1S reservation for about a year with the plan to replace our existing ICE SUV as our family / wife-primary vehicle as soon as my reservation becomes an order. An all Rivian household in months was the plan. But after 7 days, multiple...
  2. ohseedee

    BMW to adopt NACS / access to Tesla SC

    https://electrek.co/2023/10/17/bmw-group-adopt-nacs-across-ev-brands-enabling-tesla-supercharger-access/ VW Group right now: @SASSquatch 🍻
  3. ohseedee

    Is 2023.38.0 unstable? System rebooted while driving

    After about 4 miles on 2023.38.0, my R1T infotainment screens rebooted while driving. This is the first time this happened in 6.5K miles and 9 months of ownership. I was going slow at the time but was still a bit scary. I had the new info gauges up on the center screen and had music playing...
  4. ohseedee

    Is the Model X now a better buy over R1S? (WARNING: NO ELON MUSK DISCUSSIONS)

    I've been looking for options for an EV family hauler. I have an R1T, so zero need for another "adventure" vehicle. Was considering Model Y, but I need a bit more size. Model X was too expensive, and I was not considering it. The Volvo EX90 looks like an option but not clear what the price will...
  5. ohseedee

    Lectron deals on woot.com

    Woot has some decent deals on Lectron adaptors and EVSEs today. 9/27 only https://tools.woot.com/plus/lectron-ev-electric-vehicle-chargers-accessories?ref=w_ngh_dd_tg
  6. ohseedee

    Random GLS shipment coming. My Tonneau cover? (Update: False Alarm)

    I just got a text that my GLS shipment is arriving today. I had no idea what GLS was but apparently it's used for both parcels and freight delivery. I'm not expecting any deliveries, so not sure what it is. My past Rivian deliveries came via UPS not GLS. Anyone see Rivian use GLS? Really hope...
  7. ohseedee

    One-eyed R1T :( Headlight broken by a Jeep

    I finally made it to Pismo Beach. The Oceana dunes just opened and the CA park rangers are giving cars instructions on how to cross the creek. One of the park rangers is talking to me at my window while I’m in park. To my horror, the jeep wrangler 2 car lengths in front of me begins to quickly...
  8. ohseedee

    Power out, R1T to the rescue, but for how long?

    So we are having some heavy storms in LA. Power has been out for a few hours and the estimated time for it to come back on is 12 to 24 hours. I’m not even 2 weeks into ownership and my R1T is saving me. I’ve got an extension cord running into the house. The only house on the street with lights...
  9. ohseedee

    12 volt frunk power outlet is back! > in my just-delivered 2023 R1T (mid 18000 VIN)

    I just picked up my 2023 mid 18000 vin R1T and to my surprise it has a 12 volt DC outlet in the frunk! I said to the service guy "I thought they removed these months ago?" and he replied "yep, they did. you must have an older build." I pointed out the 2023 on the sticker and the Vin and he...
  10. ohseedee

    Power Tonneau still configured. Now what?

    So after they killed the Power Tonneau I never went in and changed my config to manual. I got my delivery window yesterday and it’s a lot sooner than I thought (Feb-March 2023). My Power Tonneau still shows in my config and because the email sent yesterday states that if you update your config...
  11. ohseedee

    The best color to hide dirt and paint imperfections?

    I'm super lazy when it comes to washing my cars, so a color that can hide dirt well is pretty important. My current car is white specifically because of that. I had a black car (which I actually think looks best brand new and clean) before that consistently looked terrible with dirt and paint...