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  1. SSteveEV

    EPA data shows Rivians more efficient than Cybertruck, even with larger wheels and batteries

    Let us not forget all cybertruck ranges are still "### est." And then once you subtract 10% range to be able to see out the rear window you are down to: Rivian DM 21" : 100% Rivian DM 20 or 22: ~90% Tesla (DM or TM) AS : 68% Tesla (DM or TM) AT : 63%
  2. SSteveEV

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    That might be helpful though for long parking. I assume you also have the passive part of the key fob turned off?
  3. SSteveEV

    My frunk storage solution: Trunk Commanders

    Thanks for also showing them with the handles looped, I was stupidly confused what the ring of rope around the outside was for in the first photos. 😵
  4. SSteveEV

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    Someone should be making a "Wooden Spike EV Shutoff Kit" where there is a switch triggered by stabbing a wooden stake though a hole in the hood when you park and walk away.
  5. SSteveEV

    Replacement Key Card insanity

    What if we (I) did both? Glad to hear they have improved the 2nd owner transition, took me a couple weeks to get my info loaded after purchase. Also took a lot of calls and emails to get the warranty transfer guaranteed in writing.
  6. SSteveEV

    Snow / ice chains on a quad R1T?

    Anyone else curious if they just forgot to update the manual after adding snow mode?
  7. SSteveEV

    Can you get steel rims for winter tires?

    Cheapest alternative wheel so far has been the RAM 2363, mine are currently being wrapped in Michelin X-Ice snows. They aren't a perfect fit, more poke so can only be used in standard mode or higher (low depending on tire size) There are some other aftermarket wheels in the 3-400/ wheel USD...
  8. SSteveEV

    Updated Powered Tonneau Cover In Action! [Video]

    @Ohm Boy More specifically, OG= Original Gangster Surely someone here will add a meme showing that soon
  9. SSteveEV

    Should I drive my Dual Max R1T from IL to CA one day after picking it up in Normal?

    Okay I'll be the negative guy: If you have winter tires on your Prius I'd take that. Unless this would be a one and only trip and you want to experience it in the Rivian. The charging takes a much longer time, if you speed your range will take a significant hit between the drag and cold...
  10. SSteveEV

    Updated Powered Tonneau Cover In Action! [Video]

    Good note, I'll make sure to never do a video in my Compass Yellow Ons
  11. SSteveEV

    Replacement Key Card insanity

    I assume it came with the fob? Otherwise I agree buying a car with no keys is a bold play. Maybe it was purchased while unaware it came with keycards at all. Or they are hiding in the glove box.
  12. SSteveEV

    This guy gets it - "Cybertruck looks insane, but holding out for Rivian R2"

    Those are quite generous odds, IMO. But hopefully it comes out at some point so our questions can be answered.
  13. SSteveEV

    Replacement Key Card insanity

    Second this, you can see all the linked keys in the app under Security and Access. Service can definitely remove the cards over the phone if they are listed there.
  14. SSteveEV

    Replacement Key Card insanity

    I agree, I had them set up a wrist band and also remove some cards remotely over a phone call. I believe they said adding a card is the same as a keyband. Good luck!
  15. SSteveEV

    This guy gets it - "Cybertruck looks insane, but holding out for Rivian R2"

    You do realize that the whole reason we are bickering on the internet is because A. It's the internet, and; B. One electric car company CEO listened to his kid about a designing a truck of the future and then forced the designers to follow through with it resulting in a truck with a worse Cd
  16. SSteveEV

    What fits in gear tunnel?

    Electric scooter for easy transport to/from chargers. And golf clubs or ski boots depending on the season. Love the extra space!
  17. SSteveEV

    Software Update 2023.46.0 is rolling out

    Perhaps the better analogy is getting an update which poked a small hole in the gas tank then being told the puddle is normal. @NY_Rob sounds frustrating
  18. SSteveEV

    2023.46 Lane Change Characteristics

    Thank you! Came here to ask the same but would have worded it worse. My 2014 wagon speeds up as soon as you signal the lane change and it's the best feature.