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  1. ohseedee

    10,000 miles road trip - Los Angeles to Rhode Island and back.

    When you got close to home, you totally considered just driving around the neighborhood for an hour didnt you? ;) Great write up. Would love to do a lot of this someday.
  2. ohseedee

    Guess I’m getting my powered tonneau this week!

    You don’t trust my neighbor’s nephew’s friend? Congrats to all you auto cover people! Has been a long time coming.
  3. ohseedee

    Guess I’m getting my powered tonneau this week!

    hate to bring the bad news, but my neighbor’s nephew’s friend works at a SC and he told me they just paused the auto tonneau retrofits due to some issues with the boxes the parts come in. Said it should be about a 30 day delay while they redesign all the cardboard boxes 😥
  4. ohseedee

    【Coming Soon】Center Console Dining Tray - Which One You Prefer?

    Cool design, but the very last thing going in my truck with ocean coast is a ketchup bottle
  5. ohseedee

    Tailgate won’t close with new (manual) tonneau cover

    Ouch. Now this is why Rivian should really include some instructions. The panels are kind of fragile to begin with and hate to see what yours look like after the ”slamming, lifting, pushing.” Start at page 189...
  6. ohseedee

    Why R1T outselling Lightning 4-1?

    ThIs. Lots of folks gave Ford praise for making the lighting a regular truck, but that’s why few are interested. If you want an F150, get an ICE F150 as it’s cheaper and can do more. If you want an EV truck get a true EV truck. And Rivian is the only true ground up EV truck you can get today...
  7. ohseedee

    Sad Truth for XMSirius Radio in Rivian's

    All fair points to not buy an R1S. that said, all of those points were pretty obvious before you bought it. My advice going forward - do more research before you buy as it will save you money and headache
  8. ohseedee

    Crap Rivian just lost fastest truck title (to Cybertruck)

    pretty impressive going head to head with the hummer. Also, fun video in general (big fan of carwow)
  9. ohseedee

    Latest RiDE Menu Code

    Alright probably, but I think it’s posts like this that give the masses awareness and access and allow them to play with it for a short period of time at least. The alternative is a very small group secretly knows how to access it and has it for a longer period of time. I didn't know this was...
  10. ohseedee

    Car unusable after being left for 7 days

    Alright, so after doing some reading it seems like steps needed to un-f**k yourself alone and off grid goes something like this: 1. Jump the primary battery from the hitch using a jump pack. You got to store that jump back in the frunk and you need to keep a tool in the hitch receiver to be...
  11. ohseedee

    Car unusable after being left for 7 days

    So your story scares me. Why did it have to sit there for 2.5 weeks until mobile service could replace the batteries. If my ICE 12v dies in my driveway, I’d have it sorted in a couple hours max. Did they have you try to jump it? And if that didn't work, cant we replace the batteries ourselves? I...
  12. ohseedee

    Latest RiDE Menu Code

    my 12v battery is showing >13volts. Just put in another ticket 🙃
  13. ohseedee

    Latest RiDE Menu Code

    Yep agreed. I bet no one had >97% out of the factory. Mid-90s seems reasonable. Interesting you show a 5% buffer, my SOC buffer was only 3.3%.
  14. ohseedee

    Latest RiDE Menu Code

    Too late, asking for a new battery based on my 95% SOH Pack reading 🤪
  15. ohseedee

    Onboard air compressor inaccurate or tpms?

    I've seen inconsistencies but not as bad as yours. Typically, mine are in the opposite direction as I'll set the compressor to 48, but then the tpms reads ~46. I assume your tpms readings are right after you fill up? When I drive and air heats up I'll see a previous 48 go as high as 52. I did...
  16. ohseedee

    CyberTruck is more than Stainless Steel...Tesla excels at Engineering in so many ways.

    Oh yeah, the ramp! I forgot about that. That was a cool feature. To be fair, didn't Rivian do the same thing? Like, what happened to the camp kitchen, tank turn, etc.
  17. ohseedee

    CyberTruck is more than Stainless Steel...Tesla excels at Engineering in so many ways.

    Yep, that's fair. I had assumed AT tires were standard, but that might not be the case. That said, in terms of pricing I do think the powered tonneau cover and the underbody protection is standard on the CT, but it's not on the R1T and not factored into the 87K. I'm not sure what the eventual...