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  1. Manual tonneau: something doesn't stack up here ...

    I should note that those who preconfigured with manual tonneau already paid for it. And have a car. With no tonneau. That was a surprise to me at pickup -- I was not notified in any way of missing parts, before and even after. Paid = the clock is literally ticking. If they are quick about it...
  2. Any Recent Trade In Experiences?

    2012 Ford Escape ~$6k. A very small upgrade, very tiny.
  3. Guess I’m getting my powered tonneau this week!

    For the rest of us: We wish you a manual tonneau We wish you a manual tonneau We wish you a manual tonneau And a powered one next year
  4. Took Delivery of FG R1T PDM MP!

    mine was delivered in low mode height as well, I switched to “auto”
  5. It fits!

    That doesn't interfere with the ultrasonics on the car?
  6. It fits!

    Brand new R1T Max pack, in the garage .
  7. Saw my first Cyber Truck

    You be the judge (Delorean in person just a few weeks ago): also saw a CT with the most alarming gap/lines:
  8. ElCap Granite color

    many stealth wrap el cap. Saw one in person parked in the garage - retained the color with no metallic, which it is. Even nicer looking .
  9. Proof of insurance when vehicle isn’t picked up yet

    Call your insurance company: They will issue a new insurance and card (matching the vin), you submit that, then call them once the actual pickup has occurred.
  10. Rivian KUAT Piston SR Bike Rack Guide

    1up sells a rear support lever that locks the wheel in place if it worries you - not sure that is available for the crossbar though.
  11. R1T Order Build -- Concerns

    I’d have a home charging solution in addition to your currently-free work setup. Any reasonable solution will do.
  12. 2023 Q3 earnings (beat) results! Rivian raises production goals

    Meanwhile, LCID announces they are struggling, so the market cancels everything they just heard in the RIVN report just 2 days ago 🤷‍♂️
  13. Side mirror burn out

    OK, now I am a bit nervous....
  14. New to Rivian. Coming from Tesla world. Scared.

    Are you referring to the Hummer EV? I checked it out just recently, and was like: "Wow! that's cheap!" ... then I added the four thousand, two hundred, and ninety two options in the configurator that get it to match to a reasonable range, etc. and it was $153k, and I was like: "Oh. I see."
  15. R1S may be (far) out-selling Model X?

    I think you have a good point, but Rivian has plenty of runway left to sell high-end vehicles at a premium: never underestimate the fickleness of the car buyer at these price ranges. There is also still a huge backlog of buyers like myself who still don't have a vehicle. From direct...
  16. 8 Reasons to Enter Climate XChange’s 8th Annual EV Raffle — Including a $10,000 Early Bird Drawing!

    "The raffle is not available to purchasers in ... California." :rolleyes:
  17. Guys, I have a 😸 problem

    He looked at the Rivian Gear store, and noted that there are many dog products, and not a single cat product.
  18. New R1S Owner

    Congrats! Now: [*cracks knuckles*] Where. Is. My. Dual Motor. Adventure. Max Battery. R1T. ?? Bueller? Bueller?
  19. Emailed about an estimate of my estimated date

    Same email here. So: Good News! that my estimated delivery window Nov-Dec, which was switched to "Processing Estimate" for over a month now, is now processing further for a delivery window estimate late November, at which point you'll have a new estimate for your deliver window and [...