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  1. Charge limit at 8 amps

    I've been using my Tesla HPWC v3 with a Hanshow Tesla to CCS adaptor to charge my new R1S for 1 week. With 40A circuit, it gave me 7.5kw. Just last night, I only got 2kw and 1mi/hr charging speed. I rechecked all the wires inside and outside the Tesla HPWC to confirm they're secured, which they...
  2. California Sold: FS: 20" Pirelli Scorpion AT tires- 200 miles

    I have 4 nearly new 20" Pirelli Scorpion 275/65r20 AT tires that came with my 20" Bright AT. I drove home and immediately replaced them with AS tires for better range. These tires are essentially new. Price: $1100 for all 4 or $300 each. I'm in Bakersfield but willing to meet anywhere in the LA...
  3. Continental 275/60r20 CrossContact LX20

    Has anyone tried the Continental Cross Contact LX20 275/60r20 for $190/tire? For what I know it’s significantly cheaper than the favorite Pirelli Scorpion with the same 70,000 mile warranty, light weight (39vs38lbs of the Pirelli) and it’s also Tesla OEM tire. Am I missing something?
  4. Can I just use any 275/60r20 tires?

    I’m picking up my R1S in the next few weeks. I plan to swap out the 20” with 275/60r20 tires. People in this forum have only tried the Pirelli AS or the Falken Ziex. Can I just use any 275/60r20 or is there any other specs I should be aware of? Thanks.