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  1. What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    It's safe to assume they are RGB. The chance they put dedicated red diodes is basically zero.
  2. R1T Break Down Report & Rivian Customer Service Review -- Milwaukee to Detroit Trip

    There have been so many drive failures we have read about which result from engaging from conserve (FWD) to quad motor drive mode, especially while under acceleration. Rivian should really put software limitations on when this can be performed instead of letting people shred their motors and end...
  3. Initial R1S impressions after driving Teslas for 6 years

    Wait. You actually own an R1S and didn't know there were cupholders up front?
  4. Alexa voice commands that work for me (updated with official full list)

    In the Alexa app, go to "devices", scroll down to and click "your smart home skills", "enable smart home skills", add "smartthings". Link the accounts. Then create a scene in smartthings and it should automatically add it to alexa.
  5. My R1T got whacked!

    Delay is standard DOT. Have you been anywhere in the country where there isn't a delay?
  6. Removing rear seats in R1T ?

    Amp for the subwoofer is my guess. Looks like an amp to me.
  7. Removing rear seats in R1T ?

    This should give you an idea of the project. https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/rear-seat-removal-anyone-tried.6495/ The only possible hurdle I see is the seat heaters/electrical connection. This may cause an error but also possible it does nothing except make them stop working. It...
  8. Handgun vault install?

    I think a side desk mount mounted in the center console would be only viable option. I would also expect them to add some sort of PIN security to the center console which makes it even better for gun storage...otherwise the electronic latching system is just pure over engineering.
  9. Windshield glass is trash

    The fuyao glass and the wipers are both garbage. Fortunately the wipers are easy to replace. Glass has to be babied and even then you may get unlucky. No matter what anecdotes some provide about their other experiences with other vehicles and chalking it up to bad luck, one thing is for sure...
  10. Removing rear seats in R1T ?

    No. But I am following you. Please post any updates. Would greatly appreciate any progress you make. I chickened out once realized the seat sensors would have to be disconnected. The R1T service trucks have them removed so must be feasible.
  11. Decision Time Tidal or Spotify?

    Tidal has far better bitrate but doing blind side by side versus Spotify with the Meridian system, it's actually very difficult to distinguish which is which. So yes, it's better on paper for sound quality but in reality the difference is barely perceptible. The fact the Tidal UX is garbage to...
  12. Official Software Spotlight: Rivian Drive Cam

    Incidents are recorded to internal storage so external drive is not required. If you want to record entire drives with drive cam then add a 1TB SSD for $60. I'm sure it behaves like every single DVR/NVR I have ever worked with and overwrites oldest first. You don't have to manually delete it...
  13. Official Software Spotlight: Rivian Drive Cam

    If someone cuts you off, honk your horn. That also flags it and will record. 15 seconds is quite a long time for road incidents. If you are worried about it, just enable "drive cam" and it will record everything in addition to flagging incidents. Incidents won't get overwritten. You are...
  14. Alexa voice commands that work for me (updated with official full list)

    Disarm commands require a prompt pin code. I would disable the pin if it was possible. I'm not worried about it and don't think my properties are the target for an oceans 11 heist.
  15. Alexa voice commands that work for me (updated with official full list)

    My most used commands by far are: "Alexa, Disarm the office" - Total Connect "Alexa, Arm office away" - Total Connect "Alexa, Run office away" - Smartthings scene. Turn off lights and arm. "Alexa, Run office lights off" - Smartthings scene "Alexa, Run exterior lights off" - Smartthings scene...
  16. R1T Max Pack + Dual Motor range update from Rivian: 335, 360 and 400 miles range

    Which makes it software and not part of the IRS $80k cap.
  17. DeWALT 28” Tool Box fits in Gear Tunnel

    The Ridgid boxes on top left of your pic will fit two stacked above the floor in the frunk. Not sure on the fit for the Ryobi. Edit: Dimensions on Ryobi look very close to the Ridgid. Either could do double stack of the single like the Ridgid or single of the larger.
  18. 2023.10.0 software update OTA released. Includes Tesla Supercharger network option and 12v battery draining issue fix

    I was almost T-boned my someone running a red light and was able to avoid it by sheer luck. Without the cam, it becomes a he said/she said. Dash cam would save many owners headache and potentially huge sums of money. The sooner the better.
  19. Seat (space under)

    Unfortunately your stick can't put it out either. Hahaha. Just gotta let it burn.